Olivia and Robert play spies on General Hospital
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At Sonny’s cabin, Ava settles in and makes herself martinis after putting Avery down for the night. She becomes creeped out by something lurking outside in the woods. She tries to convince herself there is nothing out there and to go to sleep. She heads to the bedroom only for a figure in black to break in. In the dark Ava hits them over the back with a fireplace poker only to discover it’s Nikolas. She demands to know what he’s doing there. Nikolas accuses her of being there with Franco, which she laughs at. She thinks he’d love that so he can be with Liz. They bicker and both swear to outlast the other in their celibacy contest. Their argument over each other’s insatiable urges leads to a kiss, and the two head to the bedroom where Nikolas asks if she’s sure, and Ava responds yes.

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At the WSB facility in Switzerland, Dante’s doctor visits him with the news that his grandfather is in the last hours of his life. Dante is hit hard and speaks about how great Mike is. He asks for privacy to process this and alone imagines scenarios of what could have been if he returned home and Mike wasn’t ill. Later his doctor checks on him and Dante wants him to tell his superiors that he wants to know more about the op they have in mind for him.

At a casino in Monte Carlo, Olivia is overwhelmed with the thought of being a spy. Robert advises she let him do the spying and she should act as a distraction. Robert works the room for information as Olivia heads to the bar to order drinks. There she runs into one of the owners of the establishment. He introduces himself as Winston Rudge, and detects an American accent and notices her wedding ring. Robert, recognizing the man, intervenes and tells Liv that the roulette table awaits. Winston finds Robert familiar and asks if he’s been there before. Olivia lays the accent on thick and tells him they’ve never been to Monte Carlo, and she demanded her new husband take her somewhere different for their honeymoon. Winston apologizes and departs. Robert reveals while he may be part owner, he is also a mercenary and testified against Olivia and Julian Jerome as Olivia’s former henchman. He worries it won’t take long for Winston to remember who he is and figure out why he’s there.

Olivia and Robert in Monte Carlo on GH

In Brook Lynn’s room at General Hospital, Ned follows Portia in, who has the latest test results. Brook Lynn doesn’t want her father there and throws him out. In the hall, Ned runs into Chase and asks for an update on locating Nelle. Chase assures him they are making every effort to find her. Ned vents that Brook Lynn has pulled away from her family when she needs them the most. Chase inquiries about his wife. He is expecting her call, but then realizes he’s misplaced his phone. Later Ned runs into Portia and asks if his daughter will be able to sing again. She can’t reveal that information to him. In her room, Brook Lynn has her father’s phone and deletes the messages from Olivia. She thinks worrying about Olivia will take his mind off of her. Chase enters and asks what she’s learned about her voice. There is no definitive answer. Portia interrupts and is having her discharge papers prepared. Brook Lynn hands over her dad’s phone and asks Portia to return it to him. Chase leaves to get her a wheelchair and see her out. Alone, she cries that her future career as a singer will only be in the shower. Later, Chase returns with her chariot. In the hall, Portia returns Ned’s phone to him. He checks it and wonders where Olivia is. He leaves her a message.

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At Turning Woods, Michael steps out of Mike’s room to talk to Carly in the hall and is worried that Sonny won’t leave Mike’s side to even take a break. She says that applies to him too. Felix checks on Mike, who is unconscious, and his heart rate is slowing. He suggests a morphine shot to help Mike be comfortable as his body shuts down. Felix leaves to get the doctor, and Carly checks on Sonny. He knows it won’t be long now. Sonny and Carly continue to sit with Mike, and Sonny wishes they had more time. He dreams of going to a Yankees game with Mike and Dante. Carly ends up falling asleep and has her own dreams about Mike assuring her everything would be okay. Later, Mike opens his eyes but doesn’t seem to register anyone in the room. Felix returns and asks to exam him in private. In the hall, Sonny waits with Carly and Michael.

On the next General Hospital: Brando arrives to pay his respect to Mike, while Stella advises Sonny that Mike may be waiting for permission to go.

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