Nina and Jax talk about her mom at Ryan's Bar in New York General Hospital
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Jax and Nina are talking about the ducks of Manhattan at Ryan’s Bar in New York City. She’s excited about her new lead on the charm, but she can’t place Phyllis’ name. As they sit in the bar, she realizes she’s heard of it before. It’s where Silas used to meet Ava while they were having an affair. She starts to unpack all the things that her mother did to her, like putting her in a coma and stealing her child. Suddenly, she remembers Phyllis.

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Lucy and Sasha talk business at the Metro Court General Hospital

Sasha arrives at the Metro Court to meet with Lucy and discuss contracts. As Lucy blusters, Sasha thinks about doing blow. Ned happens by and Lucy gives him her well-wishes for his daughter. He says if she wants to help, she can pledge her ELQ shares to him. This leads to bickering and he accuses her of betraying the family. Sasha stops the feuding and Ned backs down. After some apologies, Lucy leaves and Ned sits, telling Sasha about what a mess of things he has made with his daughter. She offers to broker a peace between them.

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Britt announces she is the chief of staff at General Hospital

Nikolas drops by General Hospital to see Brook Lynn. Liz is with her. Michael pops in to announce that Mike doesn’t have long to live. He escorts the patient away to pay a visit. The prince starts asking Liz about their kiss. She would rather forget it happened. Later, Sasha and Ned arrive looking for his daughter and are shocked to see her gone. At the nurses’ station, Franco chats with Felix and Kevin. The nurse isn’t looking forward to finding out who his new boss is. Britt appears and announces it’s her. Franco hopes she won’t make trouble for anyone. Julian steps off the elevator and they lock eyes, flashing back to their hook-up. Nikolas and Liz interrupt. Britt threatens to cut the art therapy budget and trudges down the hall after Julian. He says he just dropped by to check on Alexis. She accuses him of avoiding her and reminds him she knows all about the baby switch. As she taunts him about this, Felix eavesdrops. The nurse quickly informs Kevin of what he heard about them being bed-buddies. They decide Britt may be vindictive but likely has no idea what Cyrus is doing. Meanwhile, as Franco leaves to take a call about a job, Nikolas wonders to Liz if he should try to push Cyrus out. Liz doesn’t want to talk to him and walks off.

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Sonny and Ava discuss Mike at Turning Woods General Hospital

At Turning Woods, Ava tells Sonny that she’s happy to look after Avery while he deals with his father. He suggests she take their daughter to the cabin for a few days. In Mike’s room, Jason gives him his word that he will keep the family safe. He thanks him for being such a good father to Sonny. Soon, Sonny, Michael and Brook Lynn join him. They each tell Mike how important he has been to them. Meanwhile, Ava calls to announce she’s not coming home tonight.

Brook Lynn returns to her room at the hospital. Ned and Sasha are waiting. The model escapes and the singer guesses she was there to broker a peace. Ned repeats how sorry he is. His daughter tells him to focus on his own problems. He begs her to come back to the family, but she won’t hear it. Meanwhile, down the hall, Jason chats with Liz and she tells him about Britt making everyone’s lives miserable.

Olivia and Robert make a plan to find Holly in Monte Carlo General Hospital

Robert and Olivia take a honeymoon suite in Monte Carlo. It was the only room available. The topic quickly flips to Holly. He still feels she’s alive. They debate this and he asks how Ned feels about her being there. She admits that she hasn’t told her husband much. Scorpio gets a call confirming that the call from Holly came from Cassandra Pierce’s old casino. She insists on going with him to create a diversion while he scopes out the joint. Reluctantly, he agrees and she leaves to get a dress. Once she has changed and he is in his tux, he suggests she give Ned a call.

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