Liz lectures Nikolas about his fake marriage in park General Hospital
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Nikolas joins Liz in the park, and she lectures him for damaging her marriage with his fake marriage. He assures her that nothing will happen between Ava and Franco unless the artist is a willing participant. The prince suspects she must be having doubts about her husband. She mentions that Franco is worried about how readily she has forgiven Nikolas. He thanks her for giving him another chance. The nurse admits that she’s been feeling alone. Nikolas promises she will never really be alone. She makes him want to be a better man and he’s sure she and the boys would be better off without Franco. Elsewhere in the park, Joss, Dev and Cam chat about how they will all be in college soon and won’t be seeing each other all the time. She needs to go and see her grandfather. Cam says she can always talk to him if she’s feeling bad. After she runs off, Cam tells Dev he thinks that Joss may like him as more than a friend.

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Ava tells Franco she wants to cut her losses at gallery General Hospital

Franco arrives at the gallery and Ava tells him that she loves his painting but isn’t sure she needs her portrait restored. He doesn’t know how he would capture all of her energy anyway. After gushing about her, he stops himself and explains that Liz has an issue with how much time they are spending together. Ava says Liz should get over herself and doubts his wife really wants him to succeed. Franco knows she would do anything to support the people she loves. He says she deserves better, including someone who believes in her. She may be her own worst enemy, but he’s also sick of living up to other people’s expectations.

Robert and Olivia talk Holly in England General Hospital

In Chipping Campden, England, Robert tells Olivia that the memorial doesn’t seem to have anything to do with Holly. Liv says memorials are for the living, not the dead. He doesn’t know how he could ever forget Holly and flashes back to their marriage. Scorpio decides they should get some champagne and toast Holly. As soon as Liv walks off to find some, he gets a call from Holly, gasping for help. The line goes dead, so he calls the WSB for a trace. Liv returns and Robert tells her what just happened. He senses she doesn’t believe him. Whether it was real or not, he needs to know where the call came from. The WSB calls back explaining that the call was from Monte Carlo. He’s ready to go looking. She insists on going with him.

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Jax and Nina question the jeweler in Brooklyn General Hospital

Jax and Nina arrive in Brooklyn to see the jeweler who fashioned her necklace. She gets a text from The Invader saying Nelle is on the loose and worries about where she is. After a little pep talk, he encourages her to knock on Abraham the jeweler’s door. When he answers, she shows him the necklace and he recognizes the clasp but he made hundreds like it. Nina mentions it was in two parts. That’s unusual so it rings a bell. Although he doesn’t recognize the photo she shows him of her mom, she does give him a timeframe, so he trudges off to check his records. He soon returns after finding the order and she starts crying. His ‘stories’ are coming on, so he sends them out. In the hall, she reads the paper. It says the customer was Phyllis Caulfield.

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Carly and Ned talk Olivia at Turning Woods General Hospital

At Turning Woods, Sonny leaves Mike to get some coffee. He stands in the hall exhausted. Stella arrives. He’s relieved the see her. His father could have days or hours. When he mentions he had one last chance to take his dad to the track, she says that could be a gift from God. Stella goes in to see Mike. She tells him how much everyone loves him. He opens his eyes and she promises that everything will be alright. In the waiting room, Ned startles Carly in the waiting room. Sonny joins them. They catch up on Brook Lynn. After Carly walks off, Ned tells Sonny about Olivia going to see Dante. Ned hopes that his wife hasn’t set herself up for heartbreak. Meanwhile, Carly joins Stella in the hall and Joss arrives. She wanted to be near her grandpa. Stella is sure that he can sense their love. All three of them stand around Mike. When Sonny joins them, Mike starts to gasp. After a nurse checks on him, she informs the family he has pneumonia. Stella begs him to hold on to say goodbye.

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