Julian breaks into Martin's office on GH
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At the Metro Court bar, Carly and Bobbie chat. Nearby, Valentin joins Marty at his table and inquires if Nelle’s latest disappearance is for real. Suddenly Bobbie confronts Valentin for firing Michael and thinks she should slap him out of her daughter’s establishment. Brick walks in and offers to help. Martin advises nobody assaults his client. Carly suggests they leave Valentin alone and invites Brick for a drink. Bobbie leaves because Scott is taking her out to dinner. Carly and Brick head back to the bar to chat. Back at their table, Valentin asks Martin if he has the leverage that Nelle used to force Julian into their marriage is in his possession. Martin tells him he can’t speak on such matters due to attorney-client privilege.

Valentin meets with Martin on GH

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At Sam and Jason’s place, Sam blames herself for his mother and Bobbie’s firings and the loss of ELQ. Jason notes the Quartermaine’s have lost ELQ before and will get it back, and what’s done and sone and all they can do is move on.

Sam feels to blame on GH

At Alexis’ place, she stares at the syringe, which is now in a bag. Julian says the police are on the way to pick up the evidence. Alexis thought she had found a good guy, but she just fell for a better liar this time. Julian says no matter what issues Neil had, his feelings for her were genuine. Alexis asks him to leave because she shouldn’t be turning to him right now. He is genuinely sorry this happened.

Alexis is devastated over Neil's death on GH

Jordan barges into Cyrus’ place and asks why he killed Neil Byrne. Cyrus has no idea who Neil is. She fills him in on his opioid overdose death, but he plays innocent. She points that Byrne overdosed the same way her former partners did. He claims people overdose all the time, and he has no connection to drugs now that he’s been exonerated. Jordan remarks since he’s innocent, she doesn’t need her help anymore, and she’s done. He tells her not to be so sure and reminds her that her job is to serve and protect, which also includes him. He escorts her out. After, Cyrus calls an associate and asks them to find out where Neil Byrne got the drugs he overdosed on.

Jordan confronts Cyrus on GH

Joss, Cam and Trina go to Charlie’s, and Trina leaves them to chat with Ava, who is at the bar. Joss tells Cam that she Trina talked about what happened, and she’s totally cool with it. Cam seems bewildered. Joss says it’s not a big deal and he doesn’t have to keep secrets from her. Portia enters and inquires where Joss is. They point towards her. At the bar, Trina tells Ava she’s been given more credits to work for her, which means more hours. Portia interrupts Ava and Trina and asks to talk to Ava alone. Trina returns to the table, and Portia lets Ava know that while she sees her intentions towards Trina are honorable, her lifestyle isn’t, and she’ll be watching her. Ava understands that there is nothing more important than one’s daughter’s safety or happiness.

Portia talks with Ava about Trina on GH

Back at Sam’s, she gets a call from Julian who fills her in on Neil’s overdose and that her mother needs her. Sam thanks him and she and Jason depart.

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A cop takes the syringe from Alexis and her place and tells her that forensics will be by to search the room more thoroughly. Later Sam and Jason arrive to check on Alexis. They want her to come home with them, but she doesn’t want to break down in front of her grandchildren, and she needs her privacy. Sam asks Alexis to call her if she needs anything.

Julian returns to Charlie’s and Ava congratulates him on his wife running for the hills. Julian says he’s still far from being out of hell and says Nelle left behind a letter detailing his role in Wiley’s kidnapping with Martin Gray. Julian needs her help in finding the letter. Portia runs into Jordan outside of Charlie’s, and they briefly discuss how Trina is doing. Back inside, Joss suggests with homecoming coming up they all go together as friends. Trina and Cam agree.

Ava and Julian break into Martin’s office. Ava stands watch as Julian enters his office and searches. When she hears Martin and Valentin approach, she texts her brother to get out. As they are about to enter, Ava pulls the fire alarm as a distraction so Julian can flee. Unfortunately, the letter was nowhere to be found. Later in Martin’s office, Valentin and Martin realize someone was looking for something. Martin reveals he keeps everything sensitive on himself, and Nelle’s letter is shown in his briefcase.

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