Alexis is devastated over Neil on General Hospital
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In Mike’s room at Turning Woods, Sonny tells Felix this isn’t what he wanted for his father. Now, he just doesn’t want him to be alone. Mike wakes up. Sonny gets Mike to respond to the horse racing forms he reads off. Sonny is thrilled and asks Felix if he can take Mike to the track.

Carly feels conflicted about Nelle on GH

Carly jolts awake in her bed from a nightmare about seeing Nelle. Downstairs, Carly lets Jax in through the kitchen. She tells him Sonny doesn’t know about Nelle yet because he’s been with Mike. Carly wonders if there’s a chance Nelle is still alive. Jax doesn’t think it’s possible, but Carly didn’t see the body. She tells Jax about her nightmare and hopes their long ordeal with Nelle is finally over. Carly gets a text from Sonny to bring something to Turning Woods. Jax asks if she’ll tell Sonny anything. Carly knows Sonny will be upset when he learns she was keeping something from him, but it’s his last moments with his father.

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Back at Turning Woods, Sonny gives Mike a shave before Carly arrives. She learns they’re going to the track and questions if Sonny has proper care set up. Sonny assures her Felix is taking care of it. Carly asks if she can tag along. Mike smiles and takes her hand.

Jason offers Michael advice on GH

Michael finds Jason with Willow in the Quartermaine living room. Michael thanks Jason for his help with Wiley. When Jason leaves to check on the little guy, Michael and Willow reflect on their night together. Michael thinks they should talk about their kiss, but Willow makes excuses and exits the room. Jason returns and talks with Michael about Nelle. Michael also tells Jason he kissed Willow. Jason thinks it would have happened sooner or later, but Michael says neither of them expected it. Jason encourages him and leaves. Michael hears Willow over the baby monitor talking to Wiley about the kiss. She says it felt like the most natural thing in the world. He’s been her best friend but she didn’t realize how easy it would be. She assures Wiley they both love him very much. Willow returns downstairs and they leave to visit Brook Lynn.

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Ned and Olivia visit Brooke Lynn in her hospital room. They give her a text pad to help her communicate. She relays that she’s still upset with Ned for disowning her. Ned apologizes and admits how wrong he was. Brook Lynn wants him gone, which makes Olivia jump in. She wants her daughter-in-law to find some compassion for her father and forgive him. Olivia walks out. Ned assures Brook Lynn that both he and Olivia want to help her when she comes home. Brook Lynn types, “What home?” Ned knows she has a rough road ahead of her but home with her family is the best thing for her. Brook Lynn types, “Nope,” and waves goodbye at him. After he’s gone, Michael and Willow show up to thank her for what she did for Wiley. She made his rescue possible. Ned finds Olivia in the hallway and vents about his daughter. Olivia suggests he give her some space and then says she’s leaving to see Dante. Ned says he needs her there with him. Olivia counters she needs to see her son.

Alexis finds Neil dead on General Hospital

After Alexis turns over an unresponsive Neil in bed, Sam arrives. Alexis yells for her to come upstairs. Downstairs, Alexis calls for an ambulance as Sam walks down looking solemn. The paramedics arrive to take Neil’s body away. Valerie questions Alexis about his death. Alexis doesn’t know what they were, what they could have been. Now, she’ll never know. After more questioning, Valerie says there’ll be an autopsy and leaves. An emotional Alexis marvels over finally finding a man who doesn’t lie to her and now he’s dead. She laughs/cries over her one night with Neil killing him. Sam embraces her as Alexis repeats that she wanted more.

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Nina meets with the jeweler on GH

At the Metro Court, Nina talks with the jeweler who found a lead on her heart necklace. Nina knows it’s a long shot, but at least she’s a little closer to getting answers. Nina knows the necklace is the key to a secret she’s supposed to unlock. She won’t let anything get in her way. Jax arrives and gets an update on the necklace from Nina. She knows there are a lot of dots that need to be connected but she won’t give up. Jax asks if he can go with her on her search. She would love it and then asks about Carly. Jax says she’s good all things considered. Nina calls Nelle psychotic, knowing she will be back. Jax isn’t so sure.

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