Carly is interrogated at cabin by Valerie General Hospital
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At the cabin, Valerie questions Carly about what happened with Nelle. Carly claims that Nelle knocked her off balance and then disappeared. Jax tries to corral the discussion but Valerie keeps probing about whether or not she hurt Nelle. Valerie promises that she will not stop until she finds Benson and brings her to justice. Jax ushers Carly out. When they are alone, he assures her that staying quiet was the right thing to do. He advises her not to admit to being on the cliff when Nelle fell. This means she can never tell Michael and Willow what really happened.

Nina and Valentin are interrupted by Sam at Kelly's General Hospital

Jason calls Sam at Kelly’s and tells her Wiley is safe. He promises to drop by at home to see her. Outside, Nina sits on the bench looking sad when Valentin interrupts and offers to help. She tells him how much pain she is in thanks to not knowing who her child is. Sam comes out and announces she needs to talk to him. She lectures him for not tipping her off about Cyrus when he was talking her into signing over ELQ proxies. She brings up Michael covering up Sasha’s fraud and accuses Valentin of taking revenge on Michael. After Sam walks off, Valentin explains the deal he made with her. He asks Nina if Jax would go to the same extremes he has. She claims Jax wouldn’t go behind her back or be deceitful and they have a new lead of her child. Valentin says that’s impossible. After she tells him what they’ve learned, he’s not happy to hear she’s hanging her thoughts on a maybe. Crying, she still wonders if he’s found her child and not told her. Jax interrupts. Valentin tells her to be careful and walks away.

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Jason arrives at the penthouse. Sam has already put the kids to bed. Danny runs downstairs anyway and his father announces he’s there to stay. The kid tells him all about his videogames.

Sonny visits Mike at Turning Woods General Hospital

Sonny goes to his father’s room at Turning Woods. He sees that Mike is listening to Ella Fitzgerald. Sonny makes small talk and promises that Brook Lynn will be back to sing to him. He tells his father that he wishes he hadn’t been so judgmental toward him. The time that they’ve had made him happier than words can say. When he says he knows it’s coming to an end, Mike squeezes his hand and a tear runs down his cheek. They share a moment and Mike drifts off again. Carly shows up and tells him that’s fine. He says his father woke up for a moment. She tells him that Nelle got away.

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Alexis and Neil discuss their relationship at her place General Hospital

Neil is at Alexis’ place. He asks her if she just wants to be friends or wants more. The former doctor hopes the former lawyer misses him. Alexis says she’s been taking stock of her life and has really missed him. She wants to be a whole lot more than friends. He offers to take things as slow as she wants. They remember how amazing their night together was. After they have sex, they talk about what to do with their new lives. In the morning, she brings him coffee, but he appears to be dead. (Read Nancy Lee Grahn’s reaction to the twist here.)

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Michael and Willow talk at the Quartermaine estate General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Michael puts Wiley to sleep and calls Ned to say things are okay. He gets off the line and tells Willow that Brook Lynn is the one who tipped him off. They check on Wiley and talk about all the adrenaline they’re feeling. She tells him of all the visitors she had while he was away, including Sasha. Despite the circumstances they were married in, she’s realized they are stronger together. He says it was for the best that she didn’t go with him given that Nelle attacked him. They sit down and he assures her that he’s okay. They kiss until Valerie shows up with an update about Nelle.

A cop passes by the necklace on the ground in the woods.

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