Nelle flees with Wiley on GH
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Jason brings Epiphany to a safehouse to treat Taggert. Jason figures out Epiphany helped Taggert fake his death when she isn’t shocked he’s alive. She tells him that he isn’t the only one with secrets, and he did right by calling her. After patching him up, she hopes Jason will see to it that Taggert makes it safely out of Port Charles.

Epiphany is furious on GH

In Brook Lynn’s room at General Hospital, in tears, Ned apologizes to a conscious Brook Lynn and tells her how much he loves her. Brook Lynn becomes upset as she recalls Nelle attacking her, so Ned goes to the hall and asks Olivia to get some help. Sonny enters the room and Brook Lynn motions to Sonny, who takes her hand. Sonny asks if Nelle did this, and Brook Lynn nods. He realizes she knows more, so Sonny asks for a pencil and paper and Olivia hands it to Brook Lynn. Suddenly Epiphany storms in and tells everyone they need to leave as Brook Lynn is just out of surgery. Then Dr. Fisher tells Brook Lynn not to try to speak, or she’ll risk greater harm to her vocal cords.

Sonny questions Brook Lynn

At the Quartermaine mansion, Nina keeps Willow occupied with board games. The doorbell rings and Nina answers it to find Jax there. He inquiries about Wiley and they tell him what they know. Later, Olivia checks in with Willow by phone and confirms that Nelle attacked Brook Lynn. Willow passes on the news to Jax and Nina, and Jax decides to go to the hospital and see what he can find out.

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At the PCPD, Sasha arrives after seeing the amber alert and learns from Chase that Nelle took Wiley. Sasha tells Michael and Carly how sorry she is. Another officer gives Chase an evidence bag containing Nelle’s phone she abandoned. The phone is locked, but Michael asks to try to break her code. Later, Sonny calls Carly and confirms that Nelle attacked Brook Lynn and seems to know more about Nelle’s plan, but she can’t communicate.

Carly and Michael discuss Nelle on GH

On the road, the woman gives Nelle directions to get back to the highway. The moment Nelle pulls away the woman gets the amber alert on her phone and recognizes Nelle. She calls the police.

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Nelle finally arrives at a cabin, where she thinks Michael and his family will never think to look for them. Nelle unpacks her bag and sees the kangaroo with the tracker in it and freaks.

Back at the hospital, Sonny gets a call from Jason who says he’s at one of his safehouses and has a situation he’s handling. Carly and Michael arrive with Chase, who goes to talk to Brook Lynn but is denied by Epiphany. When he gets an alert on a Nelle sighting, Chase takes off. Meanwhile, Carly learns Jason is dealing with a situation and she urges Sonny to go help him. Michael checks in on Brook Lynn and tells her how sorry he is this happened to her. Brook Lynn remembers overhearing Nelle had a GPS tracker in Wiley’s toy and speaks to give the information to Michael. Michael only has one more try to get into the phone, and all the birthdays he’s tried have failed. He recalls once Nelle told him that the day her kidney was removed was the day she was reborn. He enters the date and gets access to her phone. Michael thanks Brook Lynn, leaves and uses the app to locate Nelle and Wiley. Elsewhere, Jax arrives and talks to Carly to get the latest information.

Back at the mansion, Sasha arrives and tells Willow how sorry she is and never thought this could happen. She just wanted to make sure Willow wasn’t alone. Sasha eventually leaves, and Nina is surprised Willow doesn’t hate Sasha. Willow admits she misses her as a friend. Nina understands as she misses Sasha too. Outside, Sasha takes another bump of coke out of her purse.

Sasha apologizes to Willow on GH

Sonny arrives at the safehouse and is stunned to find Taggert alive. Jason explains finding Taggert on the pier, and that Epiphany was in on faking his death, but wouldn’t tell him much more. Taggert stirs awake and asks about the girl. They ask him for details, and he tells them he saw a man holding a gun on a blond girl, he attacked the man and was shot. Sonny says they’ll come back to that, and asks how the hell is he alive.

On the road, the woman confirms to Chase that she saw Nelle, and the child appeared safe. She gave her directions to the highway because the GPS on her phone isn’t working. Chase calls in the sighting with an update on Nelle.

Chase questions a witness on GH

Elsewhere, Michael races in his car, following the GPR tracking app.

On the next General Hospital: Michael locates Nelle and demands to know where his son is. Also, Joss tells Trina the only person who Cam acts differently around is her.

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