Ned and Olivia ask after Brook Lynn at General Hospital
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At General Hospital, Ned tells Olivia that he doesn’t know how to say how much he loves his daughter. He’ll never forgive himself if he can’t tell her again. Portia walks over to announce that Brook Lynn has survived but there are complications. She needs some transfusions and still hasn’t been totally stabilized. After the doctor walks off, Olivia tells Ned to focus on the good news. Cyrus wanders over to offer his sympathies and wonders who would have made the attack. He assures her that the hospital’s resources will be at their disposal. Portia returns to invite them to visit Brook Lynn. After they walk off, Cyrus asks the doctor about the attack. She invokes privacy and he reminds her that he’s her boss. Meanwhile, Ned visits his daughter. He’s called Lois and she’s going to take the next flight home. Tearing up, he tells her how sorry he is that he’s wasted so much time. He prays that she knows he loves her. Kissing her forehead, he begs her to come back to him.

Ava shows up at Charlie’s and asks Julian about the kidnapping. He says he’s already had a visit from Sonny. She thinks he should have just killed Nelle instead of marrying her. He admits he snatched Wiley and explains that he decided to kill Nelle, but some guy jumped him. Julian blames himself for Wiley being gone. He realizes he knows something that might be helpful. Nelle planted a tracker in one of Wiley’s stuffed animals. His sister says the only good thing that can happen to him is if Nelle disappears.

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Liz and Franco fight about Nikolas and Ava at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Liz explains to Franco that Ava is pushing Nikolas at her to get his fortune. He suspects that Nikolas is trying to push him to Ava and tells her how awful the prince is. They bicker about this. Nikolas sits at the bar and calls Spencer to tell him their plan is working like a charm. Liz comes over to him and talks about her fight with Franco and how tense things are getting thanks to him spending time with Ava. She asks the prince if she should be concerned. He claims he has suspicions about them and says she would be better off without Franco. Meanwhile, Ava runs into Franco and he tells her about his squabble with Liz. He says her husband is weaseling back into Liz’s life. When Ava heads to the bar, she finds Nikolas and they bicker.

Sonny upsates the family about Wilet at the Quartermaine house General Hospital

Sonny arrives at the Quartermaine mansion and Chase fills everyone in on what the cops know. Chase leaves for the police station. Sonny is reassuring and exits with Carly. Michael offers to wait with Willow but she’d rather he be at the station in case a lead comes in. As soon as he leaves, Nina shows up. She offers to wait with Willow. This is puzzling since they aren’t friends. Nina says Willow is a good person and loves Wiley. She was in a similar situation once so thought she would be supportive. Although Nelle may be deranged, Nina claims she wouldn’t hurt Wiley. That doesn’t help and Willow starts freaking out. Nina tells her to cling to wishful thinking about her child, just like she does.

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At the Port Charles Police Department, Sonny gets an update from his men. He guesses Nelle must be on the road. Olivia calls and tells him about Brook Lynn’s attack. He immediately informs the family. Carly assumes that Nelle must have slit her throat. When Julian wanders in, Michael accuses him of being Nelle’s accomplice. The cops keep them apart and take Jerome to the interrogation room. Chase questions him but gets nothing. The cop checks out the fake names Nelle might be using. He soon discovers she bought a car with an alias and puts out an alert.

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Nelle is driving and talking to Wiley, complaining about his biological family and saying how lucky he will be to never know them. When she gets up in the mountains, she gets lost. After she pulls over to look at a map, some lady jogs by and tries to give her directions. She starts ogling the baby and Nelle drives off. The lady immediately gets an alert about the abduction and recognizes Nelle.

Sonny goes to the hospital to check on Brook Lynn. He talks to Olivia and tells her he thinks Nelle could be behind the attack. Portia appears and tells them that Brook Lynn may not be able to talk again. They look in as Brook Lynn opens her eyes.

On the next General Hospital: Sonny gets the confirmation he needs.

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