Sonny gets a text from Turning Woods on GH
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Lucy welcomes everyone back to the Nurses Ball telethon. In the call center, Finn spies Michael and Willow high fiving one another and looks worried. Over in the dressing room, Nelle tells Julian tonight will be her greatest performance yet, a disappearing act.

Lucy hosts the Nurses Ball 2020 on GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Monica tunes into the ball on her television in the living room. Up in his room, Wiley sleeps with his kangaroo with the GPS tracker hidden in it.

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Back at the ball, Nelle tells Julian that is going to be with her son and is taking matters into her own hands and he’s going to help her. At the refreshment area, Martin meets Valentin and is happy to help work the phones. Meanwhile, Jax and Nina grab water and he notices she is wearing her heart necklace. Backstage, Ned tells Olivia they are up next. She is still furious at him for turning his back on his own child, and he needs to start thinking about choosing his family over ELQ. After an impassionate speech for donations, Lucy introduces Ned and Olivia, who perform the song Hope to See You. As they sing, backstage Brook Lynn is in tears.

Nelle gets ready for her big performance on GH

In the call center, Anna fills Finn in on Maxie’s big accidental announcement which he missed. At the refreshment station, Martin suggests to Valentine that he consider him for a position as a corporate counselor at ELQ. Michael and Willow approach and Valentin tells Michael that he really likes his green initiatives at ELQ and hopes he will stay on as a VP. Michael warns Valentin that the game of war for ELQ never ends. In the dressing room, Julian tells Nelle that this plan of hers is insane and refuses to help until she threatens to tell Sonny the truth that he knew about Wiley for months.

Anna and Finn talk on GH

Lucy continues to thank everyone for their pledges and introduces Valentin as the next performer. He dedicates his song, Can You Feel Me, to anyone who can’t be with the person they love. Jax taps his finger in annoyance in the call center, and Nina looks somber. Lulu and Dustin go out to the refreshment area so she can spare watching Valentin’s number, and wouldn’t mind also skipping Brook Lynn’s. In the dressing area, Brook Lynn overhears Nelle on the phone talking to Julian, who is outside the Quartermaine house, about breaking in and finding Wiley.

Lulu vents to Dustin on GH

At the refreshment area, Martin tells Valentin his performance was heartfelt, and he hopes Nina appreciates his effort. Backstage, Ava talks to Nikolas about how Elizabeth keeps shooting daggers from her eyes at her. Lucy welcomes Nikolas to the stage to speak. Valentin and Ava watch from the wings as Nikolas offers up two million in donations. He asks Ava to join him on stage, and after she does, talks about how his oldest friend Elizabeth Webber embodies the virtues of a healer and a frontline worker, so they are also setting up a scholarship for future nurses named The Elizabeth Webber Scholarship. Meanwhile, Nina runs into Valentin at the refreshment area. She tells him his song was beautiful. He’s glad she enjoyed it. He notices she’s wearing the necklace from her mother. Valentin whimpers that all he ever wanted was for to be happy. She knows, but there are some mistakes that an apology can’t undo. Nina departs. In the dressing room, Brook Lynn confronts Nelle and tells her she’s finally going back to prison where she belongs.

Valentin issues a warning on GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Julian puts on a black mask and sneaks in when Monica gets up from the TV to find her phone.

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Back at the ball, Liz thanks Nikolas and hugs him. Franco gets annoyed and tells him to keep his hands off his wife, and that Liz’s name is Elizabeth Baldwin. Liz apologizes for her husband and is touched by his generosity. Meanwhile, Sonny gets a text from Turning Woods. There is no change in his dad’s condition. Liz goes to the ladies’ room and appears troubled. Later, Jax tells Nikolas his donation was very generous. Nina finds Ava and asks her to join him in the powder room. They leave, and Franco warns Nikolas to back off and stop acting like a spoiled little prince who gets everything he wants. In the powder room, Nina admits to Ava that Valentine’s song got to her. Ava knows how those Cassadine men can be. Nina asks if Nikolas is trying to make her jealous by flirting with Liz. Ava explains it works in her favor because if Nikolas commits infidelity, she gets ninety percent of the Cassadine estate. In the stall, Liz is stunned.

At the mansion, Julian chloroforms Monica, who has returned to the couch.

Julian chloroforms Monica on GH

Back in the dressing room at the ball, Brook Lynn tells Nelle she’s a kidnapper who has been caught in the act. Brook Lynn plans to tell Robert, so Nelle grabs a knife off the table and slashes at her.

On the next General Hospital: Nina sees a flaw in Ava’s plan, and Julian apologizes to an unconscious Monica.

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