Lucy at the 2020 Nurses Ball Red Carpet on GH
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Nina welcomes the viewing audience to the 2020 Nurses Ball red carpet show. She is joined by Carly, whose Metro Court is a co-sponsor of the event as well as hosting it. Carly and Nina explain the ball is being done differently this year as the guests won’t be sipping champagne and eating while watching the performances, instead they will be answering the phones and taking viewer pledges in the first ever Nurses Ball telethon. Lucy is the first to arrive and explains the decision to change the ball up was not only to raise money for HIV and AIDS, but to buy the frontline workers equipment. The telethon workers begin to arrive, all in simple Nurses Ball 2020 t-shirts. First up is Valentin, followed by Sonny. Franco arrives next, and Nina asks where his wife is. Nikolas and Ava enter, and Nikolas also wonders where Liz is. Carly asks Ava if her portrait was worth what she paid Franco for it. Ava says it was and it came out beautifully. Nikolas walks off, and Franco says it was an honor to have Ava sit for his portrait. Backstage, Lucy finds Maxie in a dressing room and needs scissors to cut her dress to show more leg. Maxie won’t have her destroy couture and suggests she simply change. Lucy orders her to get out there walk the carpet and be her bright and bubbly self while promoting Deception. Back on the carpet, Brooke Lynn Quartermaine arrives and says she’ll be debuting a song that will be the signature theme for Deception. Ned and Olivia walk the carpet next and as talk with Nina and Carly, and Robert crashes their interview. Robert is asked if he brought a date. He teases he’s keeping his options open as Ned rolls his eyes.

Olivia and Robert interviewed on the red carpet on GH

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At General Hospital, Sam makes Jason promise not to go getting any crazy ideas about escaping while she’s at the ball. He promises unless there is a big emergency or something.

Sam talks with Jason at the hospital on GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael is sporting his t-shirt and Willow completely lost track of time reading to Wiley. Willow changes and Monica tells them that she’ll be staying home and will watch Wiley for them.

On the pier, Nelle checks her tracking app and says this will be a night Michael and his family won’t forget.


At Jordan and Curtis’ place, Curtis reminds Jordan, who is in her bathrobe, that the show is about to start. She thinks she has plenty of time. Jordan’s phone rings and Curtis sees it is an unknown caller. She tells Curtis not to answer it, but he does and nobody is on the other end.

Back at the ball, Sam arrives with Spinelli, who Carly points out set up all the software to run the telethon. Elsewhere, Franco calls Liz to check in and say he misses her. She says based on those who saw his entrance it seems he has tons of admirers to keep him company. She has to go and hangs up. Willow and Michael arrive, followed by Jordan and Curtis. In the make-up area, Spinelli finds Nelle checking her tracking app, and she claims she was texting her husband about her big performance tonight. She assumes he’s looking for Maxie and thinks he must hate Maxie being with Peter. She informs him that Shiloh told her a lot of sketchy stuff about Peter. Out on the red carpet, Peter meets with Maxie and she talks up Deception to Nina and Carly.

Nelle is caught at the ball on GH

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In Jason’s room at the hospital, Liz rants to Jason about Franco obsessing over his past art. Jason asks if Franco is going back to who he was. She says he’s not regressing, but he’s starving for success and Ava is exploiting his past. Liz realizes she needs to be at the ball and leaves.

At the telethon area of the ball, Jordan receives a call and tells Curtis she has an emergency and has to go. Elsewhere, Nikolas lashes out at Lulu for ruining his plan with Spencer because Ava overheard her talking about it. Liz eventually arrives isn’t thrilled to find Ava venting to Franco about making Nikolas suffer. In the makeup area, Nelle tells Spinelli that Shiloh said Peter organized Drew’s original abduction, and he was blackmailing Peter with the information. After Spinelli rushes off, Julian arrives wondering why Nelle summoned him. By the entrance, Spinelli breaks up a conversation between Robert and Oliva and drags him away to tells him what Nelle told him about Peter. Nelle and Carly wrap up the red carpet arrivals and everyone takes their seats at the telethon computers as Lucy takes to the stage to welcome everyone to the telethon.

Carly hosts the red carpet on GH

Jordan meets with a man on the pier. She says, “Looking pretty good for a dead man.”

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Maxie tells Peter, “I don’t know what to make of all this.”

Cam, Joss and Trina arrive late to the ball.

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