Jason is on the side of the road General Hospital
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Chase meets Curtis at the courthouse. They discuss how Jordan has been acting lately. The cop suggests that she may be digging for information about Cyrus.

Jason is unconscious on the side of the road beside his bike. Curtis drives by and finds him before calling an ambulance.

Robert talks to Anna about Holly at Metro Court General Hospital

Peter joins Anna at the Metro Court to discuss her wedding plans. He asks her not to seat him next to Robert, who suddenly appears and attacks an article on Holly that The Intruder published. August walks off to the bar and Anna lectures Robert for turning his anger outward instead of facing his own feelings. He dismisses this as rubbish. She urges him to go to Holly’s memorial service in England. He’s not about to mourn an empty box. She tells him to find another way to deal with this before it eats him up. Across the room, Carly finds Sam staring daggers at Peter. McCall starts to vent. Carly can’t stand all the hypocrisy between him and Anna. She can understand why Maxie can’t see through him, but Anna should know better. Carly heads over to the bar to check on Peter and pointedly tells him he has her full attention as a tenant of her building.

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Sonny talks to Brando about Mike at the garage General Hospital

Sonny stops by the garage to see Brando. They chat about Jason and Mike. Sonny explains it’s reached the point that his father can’t feed himself anymore. He hopes he’s made the right choice for his dad. Brando doesn’t know, but he tells him a story about working with Mike and horses on the track when he was a kid. Mike taught him a hard lesson about saying goodbye. Carly calls Sonny and tells him Jason has been in an accident.

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Cyrus gives orders to Jordan at his place General Hospital

Jordan meets with Cyrus at his place. He’s eager for her to ‘dazzle’ him with how far she can go. He urges her to solve one of his problems fast and reminds her that the safety of her family depends on proving her loyalty. Renault asks her to take care of Laura since she’s blocking his philanthropy. He doesn’t want her dead, just out of the way so he can take control at the hospital. If Jordan advocates for him, it could go a long way. Chase calls her about Jason, and she takes off. One of his henchmen arrives and Cyrus tells him he’s confident Jordan will do as asked. With Jason out of the way, there’s not much to get between Sonny and a bullet.

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Maxie bumps into Lulu at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Maxie is waiting to see a doctor and wishing her boyfriend shot blanks. She asks a nurse for a pregnancy test and then nervously babbles before wandering out and bumping into Lulu. They return to the nurse for the test. Maxie admits she’s taken three home tests and they were all positive. She has no idea how Peter feels about potentially being a father. Lulu imagines that thoughts of Nathan must also be making this complicated. Her friend says the timing is terrible and she doesn’t know if she’s ready. This could harm her career. The nurse returns with the results. Meanwhile, Portia runs into Finn at the nurses’ station and they chat about his daughter. She tells him to enjoy it before she becomes a teenager. They chat about Trina and how much she idolized her dad. She warns that the day may come when Violet resents Anna for not being her real mom. Liz interrupts to say that Jason is on the way with a possible head injury. Sam and Carly arrive and Curtis tells them what he knows before leaving to look for more answers. Liz tells them they are testing for brain injuries. Carly calls Diane to make sure Jason’s paperwork is in order. Peter and Brando arrive and Sonny steps off the elevator. Sonny asks the mechanic about the work he did on Jason’s bike. Across the room, Peter finds Maxie and Lulu and asks the reporter to write a story about Jason. Portia comes out and says that things look good for Jason, but he needs to be looked at by a neurologist immediately because brain death is a possibility. Carly consents.

Back at the courthouse, Chase looks at a photo of the crash scene and says it doesn’t make sense.

Curtis corners Jordan in her office.

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