Cyrus wants to make Brando an offer on GH
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In his cell, Dante does pushups and thinks about his conditioning to complete the mission. Later he’s visited by his doctor (played by Christopher Cousins), who is concerned that he’s not engaging in his therapy. The WSB could consider him a lost cause and confine him there for life. Dante is okay with that because he can’t control his own actions and he’s dangerous. The doctor tells him he can recover but only if he faces what happens to him and trusts the process. Dante can’t take the chance with the ticking time bomb in his head. The doctor refuses to give up on him and hopes he changes his mind before it’s too late.

Dante is resigned to stay a prisoner forever on GH

Lulu stops by Brando’s garage to pick up her car, which had a flat tire. Cyrus enters, and Lulu introduces Cyrus as the man suspected behind the shooting her mother and Brando were involved in. They trade heated words before Lulu finally departs. Cyrus has a proposition for Brando.

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At the Metro Court offices of Deception, Lucy, Maxie and Sasha look over Sasha’s photoshoot proofs to figure out which one to use for the launch. Valentin enters and feels as a partner he should have a say in the campaign. He says while Sasha has a pretty face, the brand needs a voice and introduces Brook Lynn (temporarily played by Briana Lane). Valentin reveals BLQ will write them an original signature tune for Deception, but Maxie forbids it seeing how she’s treated Lulu. They bicker, and Lucy drags Maxie out of the office and asks her why she is so emotional over this. Maxie feels Deception is partly her baby now and it’s about to become a reality and something momentous is about to happen. Lucy understands but tells Maxie she needs to get a hold of herself. They go back inside, and Maxie agrees to work with Valentin and Brook Lynn, but no more snarky comments about Lulu. Lucy welcomes BLQ to the Deception family. Lucy has to depart to work on The Nurses Ball, and Maxie follows. Brook Lynn suggests to Valentin they go have a drink in the bar. He says he’ll meet her there. Brook Lynn departs, and Valentin checks on how Sasha has been holding up. In the restaurant, Sam thanks Carly for agreeing to take Jason’s power of attorney in case a situation arises that requires a life or death medical decision. She’s been doing some thinking and realizes she needs to start putting her children first. She made a mistake in trying to relive her life before kids by bringing Shiloh down, and now she’s paying the price. She’s grateful Jason has Carly, and that she’ll never have to tell Danny she had to make the decision to end his life. Carly tells her Jason isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Elsewhere, Brook Lynn and Valentin celebrate with a drink.

Briana Lane as Brook Lynn Quartermaine on GH

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At General Hospital, Curtis meets up with TJ to grab lunch, but he’s too busy as an intern. Curtis feels TJ is pushing himself too hard with his job, and warns him he once became so obsessed with his police work it consumed him. TJ thinks he should have this talk with his mom, who seems way too wrapped up in her job right now.

TJ turns down an offer on GH

At the courthouse, Jordan intercepts Chase trying to grill Jason about the warehouse explosion back in February. She sends Chase back to his office before he gets a harassment lawsuit slapped against the PCPD. Jason thanks Jordan, who is frustrated that she’s stuck under Cyrus’ thumb. Jason is sure Cyrus will slip up eventually and then they’ll nail him. Jordan gets a call from Cyrus reminding her of their appointment to meet at his new home. Jason thinks she should go, and he will take a drive out that way as well. Later, Sasha runs into Chase and wonders if he’s heard anything about the custody hearing. He hasn’t. Elsewhere, Curtis searches for Jordan, who is ignoring his calls.

Jason hopes he and Jordan are still on the same side on GH

Jason stops by Brando’s shop to pick up a stabilizer for his bike. Brando admits he already installed it for him because he can’t give up the chance to work on a Harley. Brando tells Jason about Lulu and Cyrus dropping by this morning and exchanging words. Jason asks Brando to let him know if Cyrus returns.

Jordan meets Cyrus at his empty apartment as ordered.

Maxie goes to General Hospital and tries to get an appointment with her OBGYN. Elsewhere, Lucy finds Lulu and tells her that she has a very loyal friend in Maxie.

By the side of the road, Jason lays unconscious next to his bike.

Jason's involved in an accident on GH

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