Brook Lynn Ned and Olivia argue about ELQ at Quartermaine house General Hospital
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Brook Lynn stomps into the Quartermaine house as Olivia walks off in a huff. Ned tells his daughter that he’s been neglecting his wife. Sometimes he wishes he could hand the company off and leave. Sitting down, he tells her that he divorced her mom out of his sense of duty to the company. He owes the family to do the best he can. She says it would be nice if someone swooped in to take over. He chuckles and agrees. Later, she has left and Liv has returned to complain about how Ned is not there to comfort her when she needs it. She needs him to prove she’s a priority in his life. Laura shows up and realizes it’s a bad time. Olivia insists she come in anyway. The mayor tells them the hospital will need ELQ’s help warding off Cyrus. He promises to do all he can. After she departs, Ned says calling a vote of shareholders will force the interloper to surface.

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Sam tells Alexis about slapping Julian at home General Hospital

Alexis is interrupted at home when Sam (temporarily played by Lindsay Hartley) shows up. She tells her mom about slapping Julian. Alexis thinks she needs chamomile tea. Sam vents. Her mom notes that Julian hasn’t acted this insane since his sister blackmailed him. The topic turns to Neil and disbarment. Alexis still hasn’t told him about it. Her daughter wonders why she is avoiding him now that they can be together. Sam thinks she’s just embarrassed and leaves after getting a text.

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Valentin and Martin discuss Sam's stocks at Metro Court General Hospital

Martin and Valentin are at the bar in the Metro Court discussing ELQ. He’s sure the family will be thankful when he takes over. Valentin thinks Sam is the key to getting the stocks they need. The lawyer thinks he’s lost his mind, however, Valentin is sure he has an incentive. Brook Lynn arrives and guesses that Valentin has her shares as well as Nelle’s. She’s dug around and discovered how much money he made for Cassadine Industries. He assures her he can do the same for ELQ. After he makes his pitch again, they shake on it. Once she departs, Valentin recaps Sam’s parole situation for Martin.

Sonny talks about Mike's condition in Corinthos kitchen General Hospital

Carly arrives in the Corinthos compound kitchen. Sonny and Jason tell her things aren’t good with Mike. She wishes she could help but is sure whatever he decides will be okay with Mike. After he walks off, Carly again wants to help. Jason says she can’t. She wishes they had sorted all of this out in writing. Stone Cold realized today that he needed to have a DNR order created. He wants her to have his power of attorney. She thinks it should be Sam, but he doesn’t think Sam could choose to let him die. Tearing up, Carly promises she would do anything for him. Meanwhile, Sonny talks to his daughter about how much he wants to let go of Mike. But he can’t rob him of any final chance at joy. He goes back downstairs after getting a calling from Turning Woods. He tells Carly about the feeding tube. She assures him that whatever is right for him is right for Mike. Sonny isn’t right with any of this.

Cyrus and Jordan talk to Monica about the future of General Hospital

Jordan arrives at General Hospital as Cyrus is telling Monica how much he wants to contribute to the community. She says they don’t want his help. He insists that his name has been cleared and he wants to do good works. After Monica walks off, Jordan warns him he’ll have a hard time talking people around. He says he has a secret weapon. Cyrus wants the hospital and she is going to help him get it. Down the hall, Sam and Jason meet in a room. He tells her that he’s giving his power of attorney to Carly. He doesn’t want Danny to hold her responsible for anything that happens to him. She won’t thank him for this and walks out.

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Nelle lectures Nina in Crimson office General Hospital

Nelle storms into Nina’s office and lectures her for speaking ill of her in court. Nelle claims that this has all been a plot by Carly to destroy her. Nina doesn’t buy it. They bicker and Nelle calls her a spoiled rich girl, listing the ways that Nina has gotten away with her crimes. Nina points out that if everyone is stabbing Nelle in the back, maybe she’s actually the problem. They bicker about which of them is a bigger liar. Nina wishes that Nelle could change but doesn’t think that’s possible. Nelle thought she was different and walks out.

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