Nina takes the stand in court General Hospital
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At the WSB facility in Geneva, Dante wakes up from a nightmare. He paces his room and tries to distract himself by picking up a pencil. After he writes a letter to his mother, he says he never plans to send it. Folding up the paper, he puts it under his mattress and stares out the window.

Cyrus runs into Portia at General Hospital

Cyrus drops by General Hospital and asks Portia how Trina is. She leaps away from him. Laura pops up between them and he admires her concern for her constituents before walking off. Portia goes off about Marcus being smeared while Cyrus walks free. They sit down and the doctor admits her emotions are all over the place since Taggart died. Laura lurks around and watches Cyrus talking to Tom. As soon as Cyrus is gone, she runs over to question Tom while Cyrus eavesdrops from around the corner. Tom walks off and Renault returns, explaining to her that he’s taken an interest in the hospital’s fiscal crisis. He’s already started a foundation for social justice. She says ELQ can give them the support it needs. When she tells him he’ll never be able to launder his money through the hospital, he gives her a warning.

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Martin questions Nina in court General Hospital

In the courtroom, Nina is on the stand. She explains she hired Nelle because she thought she deserved a second chance. Under questioning from Martin, Nina says that Nelle is a compulsive liar who uses people. Martin gets frustrated as she trashes his client and ends his questioning. Diane is up next and Nina tells the court that Nelle blackmailed Julian into marriage. This outrages Nelle, who stands up to trash Nina for betraying her like everyone else. Nelle gets so upset she starts to hyperventilate. After a medical recess, Nelle apologizes. Willow is called to the stand and insists she was not coerced to marry Michael. She married him because he is decent, and she thinks that’s the basis of trust. The judge has heard enough and ends the session. Diane tells her clients that she expects a good verdict for them. Out in the hall, Nelle lectures Julian for not being more supportive. He tells her that she destroyed her own case and leaves.

Jax finds Nina in the Crimson office. She worries she will never live down her crazy past. He thinks she’s proved that she’s not like that anymore and he’s proud of her. He assures her that she deserves happiness and what they have is real. After he leaves, she takes out her half necklace. Nelle storms in and accuses her of betrayal. Nina drops the necklace.

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Valentin offers Brook Lynn a deal at Metro Court General Hospital

Valentin meets with Brook Lynn at the Metro Court. She assumes that he’s after something and threatens to tell her father about it. He promises that he can make the shareholders richer and revive her music career at the same time. Valentin offers to get her visibility and momentum. He’d like to use her music in Deception’s re-launch. If she agrees to this, she has to remain silent about what he’s doing. She runs off. When Valentin sits down for a drink at the bar, Martin joins him. He tells the lawyer about his meeting with Brook Lynn.

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Ned and Olivia argue about Dante at Quartermaine house General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Ned assures Olivia that he is there for her. She’d rather have sex than talk but that gets cut short when he receives a text about his latest business deal. This kills the mood. She feels like no one talks to her about Dante; they’ve all moved on. Talking to Robert makes her feel better because he’s going through something similar with Holly. She feels like her husband is too focused on ELQ. They argue about the company and she wonders if Ned is leading a coup against Michael. He insists he is only trying to manage a crisis. She accuses him of trying to keep himself and ELQ powerful. She gets offended when he mocks her psychic beliefs. As this gets more heated, Brook Lynn strolls in, looking for career advice.

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