Jason and Sonny talk Mike's options at Turning Woods General Hospital
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At Turning Woods, Sonny tells Jason he took too long to ask Mike what he wanted. He worries that his father might still want to fight, but for what? His heart can beat but he has no memories. Jason tells him what he’d want if he were in Mike’s place. He wouldn’t want machines keeping him alive or his kids enduring what Sonny is. Sonny is upset that he didn’t share more with his father. Jason remembers when Mike was a bartender at Luke’s club and how much he worked to win back his son’s trust, even when Sonny put up walls between them. Once Jason leaves them alone, tears run down Sonny’s cheeks. He sits down and remembers the Mickey Mantle card Mike gave him.

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Nikolas joins Ava at the Metro Court and tells her that he ran into Franco at the gym. They discuss Spencer’s offer to forgive him if he drops Ava. The Jerome swirls her martini and wonders if he will pick his son or his fortune. She’s sure that Spencer would be happy with him even if he has no money. The prince isn’t about to give up his money.

Nikolas and Ava talk Spencer and Franco at Metro Court General Hospital

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Lulu shows up at her mom’s and tells Laura about the portrait unveiling Ava and Nikolas are planning. Laura is determined to go but her daughter is still outraged that Nikolas brought Ava into their family. Lulu tries to insist that the mayor can’t publicly approve of Ava. Her mom is going to the party anyway. They debate whether there is any good left in Nikolas. Laura refuses to give up on him. The Cassadine arrives. He soon learns about his sister’s new deal with Valentin and asks them for advice about his son. He explains that leaving Ava would cost Spencer his legacy. Mother and son share a moment. Lulu is baffled. After her brother leaves, Lulu tells her mom she’s amazed by her capacity for forgiveness. In the hallway, Nikolas calls Spencer with his answer.

Lulu and Laura discuss Nikolas and Ava at home General Hospital

Franco trails around after Liz at General Hospital. She says she will accept Nikolas as a friend again if he goes back to how he used to be. The nurse turns the topic to Ava, who soon shows up with a check for her portrait. After the women bicker about Nikolas, Liz goes off to sign out and Ava worries that Franco might feel exploited by her use of his past for publicity. He just wants to be a good step-father. After she exits, he escorts Liz to the elevator but she barely looks at him.

Franco and Liz discuss Nikolas at eneral Hospital

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Diane takes a moment alone with Carly at the courthouse and warns her that Martin’s cross-examination won’t be pretty. Meanwhile, Martin tutors Nelle on trying to sound more sincere. Julian wanders in, slightly drunk. As the lawyer takes off, Julian promises Nelle that he’ll stick to the script. Inside the courtroom, Willow and Michael remind themselves of why they are there and look at a photo of Wiley. He warns that Martin will try to make the family look bad and promises to take her somewhere fun after this. When the hearing begins, Carly takes the stand and talks about her battles with Nelle. Martin gets her to tell the court about her attempted murder of Tony and her stays in mental institutions. When Michael takes the stand, Martin grills him about his marriage. Michael admits he’s not in love with Willow, but they both love Wiley. Willow is up next and talks about Shiloh, her grief, and her love of the child. Finally, Nelle is called up.

Martin questions Carly in court General Hospital

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