At home, Carly tells Trevor they want the same thing – Kate out of the picture! She says if they work together they can accomplish that.

In the garage, Lulu asks what Johnny's plan really is! He says he is doing whatever he has to do to protect her. She says his actions were crazy because the cop was backing off. Johnny says it doesn't matter because his father has tons of cops on the payroll and he is tired of their duplicity! Lulu says the cop and the punch aren't the problem, Johnny's reaction to the man is! Johnny says he is tired of getting away with everything just because of his father. Lulu says they can fix that. She suggests that they get away from Port Charles and their families so that they can live their own lives. Maxie and Spinelli arrive to help them escape. Maxie doesn't want to help and argues with Lulu about the 'desperation' of their escape. Lulu says they need food, water and clothes from a discount store. Maxie is even more opposed at the thought of shopping at a discount retailer but Spinelli backs up Lulu and Johnny. Lulu says with her out of the picture she'll have Crimson all to herself; Maxie admits that work isn't fun unless she can boss Lulu around a little. She finally agrees to help them, though. Maxie and Spinelli have been gone for a while and Lulu gets worried. Maxie returns with clothes and then Spinelli comes back and says they don't have to leave because the assault was never reported. Maxie is thrilled but Johnny and Lulu aren't.

Later, Carly meets with Nikolas at the Metro Court. She tells him she is done with Jax – for good this time! Nikolas says it is about time as Carly goes on about Jax sleeping with Kate. She says Nik has to help her make both of them pay! They sit down and Carly suggests that Diane will help them tie up Jax's development of the island. Nikolas doesn't want to get involved. Carly goes on and on about how Kate has been after Jax for months and that Jax knew it and slept with her to get back at Carly. Nikolas says he can see that Carly still loves Jax and asks how far she is really willing to go. She says she is going to start by taking apart Crimson but Nik again says he isn't sure he is interested in the plan. Carly reminds him that Jax took over Nikolas' home and by taking down Crimson they'll be taking away Jax's home. Nadine calls, upset, and says they have to postpone the wedding! He asks if she is okay. "I don't think so," she says.

At the meeting, Sonny tells Claudia that he can handle his own meetings. She says he needs to let everyone get used to the new order of things. He spots Ric watching Claudia and asks what he is doing. Ric says he is waiting for the meeting to begin. Sonny tells him to leave. When they are alone, Sonny asks what Claudia is after. She says he needs her because she knows more about the Zacchara business than he does. He allows her to stay but tells everyone – including Ric! – to leave. Ric stays and says they need to go over the next day's business. Sonny asks why they both seem to be on the same team. Claudia says she is sticking around because his interests are hers as long as they are married! Claudia says they have to work together or this won't work. Sonny says he isn't used to working with anyone and won't start now. Ric says this is typical Sonny behavior. Sonny tells Ric to leave their past and their brotherly connection at the door and tells Claudia she can ask any questions but he won't answer them. Then, he tells them both that they have no authority to make decisions using his name. He leaves to see Kate. "Am I supposed to be okay with that?" Claudia says and Sonny reminds her that their marriage is based on business. He leaves. Claudia and Ric grin at one another. He starts to kiss her but Claudia says they can't move their relationship forward with Sonny in the picture. Ric reminds her that her marriage is a fake and Sonny will never fall for a woman who isn't trying to save him. Ric tells Claudia to keep her emotions in check around Sonny; Claudia says she doesn't fall in love. Ric says that doesn't matter because Sonny does and she can't be his angel in waiting because she isn't Lily or Emily or Kate. "I believe that love is an illusion," Claudia says. Ric says he feels sorry for her.

Sonny arrives at Kate's. She reluctantly lets him in and he apologizes for everything in their past. "I regret that we didn't get married," he says. "I don't know how to be anything other than what I am but that does not mean that I didn't love you or I don't love you." Kate says he only loves the idea of her! Sonny says what they had and his feelings were all too real but Kate won't listen to him. She says she liked being on his pedestal but she knows that she can't fix him any longer. She asks if he told Emily and Lily the same things he has told her! He angrily says he doesn't want to be married to Claudia but he has to be with her for Kate's safety! He says he'll do whatever he has to do to find out who shot her. Kate angrily says he isn't doing this to protect her, he is doing this because he likes the mob life!

Sonny returns home and pours a drink. Claudia is waiting in the dark and asks how things went with Kate but Sonny won't talk about it. "So I guess Kate wasn't in a forgiving mood?" she says. Sonny says he doesn't deserve forgiveness; Claudia tells him to embrace his inner mobster and move on. Sonny sadly talks about lost dreams. She goes upstairs and he keeps drinking.

At the Quartermaine's Alice, Edward and Monica are plotting against Tracy. Tracy arrives and angrily yells at Monica about changing meeting dates and times. She turns to Edward and says he would have seen what Monica was doing if he wasn't meddling in ELQ business. Then, she turns on Alice and tells her to do her job – which includes fresh ice on the bar. Alice runs to do her bidding. Monica and Edward hurry away. Alan appears and says life without Luke is bleak. She says she is moving on – without Luke! He tells her to go to Luke but she refuses. Later, Luke arrives and Edward asks him to move back in! Luke wonders what is going on. Edward says he was talking with Monica and Alice and they all think this is the right thing to do for Tracy; Luke asks what is really going on. "My daughter is a horrible, wretched woman and losing you has put this on a whole other level," Edward says and offers Luke anything he wants just as long as he makes up with Tracy. Tracy walks in and says she will have Luke arrested! She calls Edward senile and says she doesn't love Luke and is tired of being the back-up wife. Luke is about to leave when Monica, Edward and Alice walk in and beg him to stay. They make Luke comfortable, annoying Tracy. "This could work for you, Wife," Luke says, "because misery loves company!" Alice gives Luke a pedicure and places Edward's slippers on Luke's feet. Edward starts to object but Luke mentions returning to the Haunted Star and he backs off. Luke requests lobster for dinner and Alice hurries to the kitchen. Tracy returns and calls to have the Q jet prepared for a trip to the Dominican Republic – and a quickie divorce!

Next on General Hospital:

Sasha tells Liz that losing Jake is her own fault.

The Russians plan to kill Jason as he attempts to rescue Jake.

A mine collapses on Jason and Sam.

Nadine's family comes to town and questions Nik's intentions.

Robin and Patrick each have different effects on Emma.

Luke follows Tracy to the Dominican Republic.

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