Michael and Willow get married on GH
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Lucy sits with Sasha at the Floating Rib encouraging her to keep ice on her nose so she’s okay for the photo shoot. She then commiserates with being labeled the town tramp. Lucy assures Sasha she’s there for her but her pep talk doesn’t bolster Sasha’s spirits. In a nearby booth, an irritated Martin texts Nelle wondering where she is.

Sasha and Lucy at Floating Rib on GH

Brook Lynn and Julian toast to Lucas at Charlie’s. Nelle hides and listens as Brook details how Julian helped and then sabotaged Brad. Julian gets a call from an upset Leo and runs out with Brook Lynn following. Nelle emerges from the shadows and calls Martin. She assures him she’s on her way, explaining what delayed her could prove very useful.

At the Metro Court, Michael and Willow tell Sonny and Carly they are getting married. Carly’s thrilled, while Sonny asks to have a private talk with Michael. While an appreciative, yet concerned, Carly questions Willow, Michael assures his father he is doing what he has to for his son. The men join the ladies at the bar. Michael explains they will fly to Vegas tonight and be back in time for the hearing. Sonny declares he’ll pull strings so they can get married in Port Charles.

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Martin and Nelle meet at Floating Rib on GH

Nelle arrives at the Floating Rib and approaches Sasha and Lucy. After she taunts Sasha about Willow, Lucy gently tells Sasha she has to go to the Quartermaine mansion. Sonny asked her to officiate Michael and Willow’s wedding. Nelle isn’t happy to hear the news and stomps over to Martin. She orders him to come up with a counter move. Martin doesn’t have any solutions, but Nelle gets an idea and leaves.

An emotional Sasha meets with Chase on the docks to tell him about the wedding. Chase learns Nelle knows about the wedding and worries she’ll try and ruin it. Sasha thinks they should warn the family.

Quartermaines & Corinthoses on GH

As Ned talks to Tracy over the phone about wanting to stay on as ELQ’s CEO, Monica enters the Quartermaine living room to demand why she has a missed call from the PCPD. Ned explains Brook Lynn was arrested but he didn’t run to her rescue. Monica warns him his tough love could make the situation worse. Brook Lynn and Julian enter. Julian demands to know what’s going on with Leo, who was crying on the phone about Ned being mean to him. Ned explains he wouldn’t let Leo have a pet snake and that’s it. Julian goes upstairs to talk to his son, leaving Ned to learn he bailed Brook Lynn out. Joss arrives and informs them Michael and Willow are getting married there tonight. Monica returns expressing how thrilled she is about the impending nuptials, but Ned is leery. Michael, Willow, Sonny and Carly arrive. As Brook Lynn runs to get Willow something to wear, Monica yells at Sonny for asking Lucy to officiate, and Julian leaves. Michael takes Willow aside to give her Lila’s ring. Willow thinks it’s beautiful but thinks it should go to someone in his family. He responds that she is family now and asks her to trust him. She agrees and he puts it on her finger. Michael notes it’s a perfect fit. Carly gets a call from Sasha who warns her about Nelle. Carly thanks her, declaring nothing will get in the way of the wedding. After Willow and Michael change, the family gathers in the living room. Michael and a pensive looking Willow are married.

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Nelle returns to Charlie’s and tells Julian he’s going to want to hear what she has to say.

At the hospital, Curtis gets in between Cyrus and a furious Trina. Jordan interrupts their standoff to have a private word with Renault. When Curtis asks if Trina is okay, she lashes out at him for letting her father die in the warehouse. Alone in a corridor, Cyrus tells Jordan he looks forward to her acting on his behalf. Back at the nurses’ hub, Portia defends Curtis, but Trina won’t let up on him. Jordan returns as Trina demands she tell everyone her father is innocent. Portia orders her daughter to promise to stay away from Cyrus. Trina agrees as long as her mother keeps Curtis and Jordan away from her. Before leaving, Cyrus finds Curtis and Jordan again and makes a veiled threat about TJ.

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