Sasha tells Michael to stop being so nice in an elevator General Hospital

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Sonny and Jason join Curtis on the docks. They talk about TJ’s kidnapping and how sketchy his memories of it are. Curtis says that the only person who has come close to figuring anything out has been Mac. The PI wonders why it’s taking so long for Sonny to ‘take care’ of his enemy. They say they are trying not to force things and waiting until the time is right.

Jason, Sonny and Curtis discuss their plan on the docks General Hospital

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Carly sits down with Laura at the Metro Court. She worries about Michael’s custody case and flashes back through her history with Nelle. As they discuss the court case, they spot Cyrus, who raises a glass to them. Laura admits to Carly she’s not sure the hospital will survive Nelle’s court case. Cyrus says that sounds dire and happily chats with them, asking Carly for her address so he can send an invitation to his house-warming. She suggests he send it to the coffee warehouse. He assures them that he has buried the hatchet with Sonny and plans on making a memorable debut into the city’s social scene. Renault tells Laura he already knows her address. After he exits, Laura feels like she’s been threatened and decides she can’t eat. Sonny shows up and Carly complains about Cyrus being there. She makes him promise to end the ‘craziness’.

Cyrus toasts to Laura and Carly at Metro Court General Hospital

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Mac drops by Jordan’s office at the Port Charles Police Department. He has some thoughts about the kidnapping. Mac suggests that TJ was taken as leverage and that must have been to use against her. She flashes back through her arguments with Cyrus and then claims that no demands have been made on her. Mac thanks her for trusting him with this and offers to listen to any problems she has. After he leaves, Curtis drops by and asks her out for dinner. She wants to check on her son at the hospital. Once they leave, Laura shows up and Mac offers her his help.

Jordan asks Mac about his theory in her office General Hospital

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Michael and Sasha are stuck in an elevator at General Hospital. She has a bloody nose and wishes he’d stop being so nice to her. By the nurses’ station, Finn tells Willow that his brother is a knucklehead and hopes she can cut him some slack. She says apologies don’t change anything. When she turns around, Michael and Sasha step off the elevator. Finn takes her away to deal with her bloody nose. Michael explains to Willow that Brook Lynn punched Sasha in the nose. Willow wonders why Chase wasn’t the one to drive her to the hospital. They talk about how hard it is to turn your feelings off. Down the hall, Finn tells Sasha her nose isn’t broken. The doctor suggests that she and Chase come clean. She’s sure that Michael and Willow will never be happy if Nelle gets Wiley. Meanwhile, Trina drops by to see Portia, who suspects that her daughter wants to escort her home because she’s anxious. Trina admits she’d rather not be home alone. Her mom assures her that the cops keep people safe. Trina reminds her that Jordan threw her father under the bus. Portia says Marcus would want her to move forward. When Cyrus wanders in, Trina storms over and lays into him about her father. Jordan and Curtis arrive and he inserts himself between Trina and Renault. Cyrus smirks.

Trina tells Portia not to trust Jordan at General Hospital

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