Lulu and Johnny are on cloud nine as they pull over the car to check out the stars. Johnny asks where she'd like to go and Lulu says they should just drive until they feel like stopping and stay until they're ready to leave. She says that this is her turn to be a 'real Spencer' and be out on the road with the man she loves. On that note, Johnny pulls her into the back seat but before things get too heated, they get a visit from a cop. He takes a hard line with them about parking on a public road and Lulu gets a little mouthy. The cop decides to put Johnny in handcuffs and no talk of civil rights will get him to change his mind. It's the name 'Zacchara' on Johnny's ID that does the trick. Rather than risk angering Anthony, the cop uncuffs him. Johnny says that it looks like he can do whatever he wants, so he punches the cop in the mouth and he and Lulu drive off.

Also driving along a dark road are Sam and Jason. She's trying to get through to the cops to report Jake missing, but her call is dropped. She tells Jason everything about her and Liz's encounter with the Russians.

Back at the cabin, Liz is huddled in a corner with Cameron. As she tries to comfort him, she almost jumps out of her skin when someone starts pounding on the door. Once she realizes that it's Lucky, she lets him in and explains everything that happened. Lucky thanks her for saving Sam, but she reminds him that she killed a man and now their son is gone.

Claudia and Sonny have just exchanged their vows over at Anthony's house. There's an awkward pause after the Padre says that it's customary to kiss, but Sonny finally reaches out and gives Claudia a very untender kiss. Sonny pays the Padre and then joins Claudia to cut a cake that Anthony has surprisingly provided. He raises a champagne flute and says, "A toast to my new son-in-law and my beautiful daughter. May your union bring peace and prosperity to us all." Before anyone can take a second sip, he pronounces the wedding over and tells Claudia to make herself scarce so they can have a meeting. Sonny takes the lead and says that all meetings will be at his house from now on. When Anthony objects because his wheelchair makes travel difficult, Sonny says that he's not invited. Sonny and Claudia leave arm-in-arm.

Over at Kate's house, Carly opts to use a bucket of ice water instead of her gun to separate Jax and Kate. (But it's too late, they've already had sex.) Carly asks Jax if he got what he needed by sleeping with Kate. She yells at them both and finally ends by promising Connie that she will destroy her.

Jax hurries to get dressed and Kate tells him that he's welcome to stay, but he takes a rain check. She thanks him for helping her through a rough night and says that she hopes it helped him too. He expresses a tad of empathy for hurting Carly and Kate asks if he's honestly thinking of taking her back. He says that he won't do that, but he didn't enjoy hurting her either.

Nikolas shows up at The Haunted Star to report to Luke that Laura called him. She said that she loves Paris and the house that he rented for her. Luke asks if the doctors have any news and Nik says that her treatment is going well but the doctors can't say if her recovery is permanent or not. Luke says that he hopes she is enjoying every minute. The two men share a drink together as they talk. Nik asks Luke how he's doing and he says that he misses his wife. Nik asks 'which one?' and then asks Luke how he could've let Laura go to Paris without him. Luke says that he's married to Tracy now even though Tracy is too hurt at the moment to see his commitment to her.

When Sonny, Claudia, Max and Milo get home, Claudia cracks to Sonny that there's no need to carry her over the threshold. Sonny tells Milo to carry Claudia's bags to the guest room overlooking the lake and then he offers her a drink. They talk a little about the ceremony and how they both loved making Anthony sweat, and then she asks him to show her which room is hers. Sonny's men arrive at the house to start their meeting. Sonny says the first order of business is dealing with the Russians. He tells them to consider Max his right-hand man and then introduces his brother Ric. Claudia watches the whole exchange from the top of the stairs.

Carly goes straight to Trevor and starts fishing about his past with Connie. When Trevor realizes what's going on, he asks why he would help her trash someone he once loved? Carly says that Kate left high-heel prints on his back and together they can get even with her. Trevor gets short with her and says that he's not going to be her instrument for getting even.

When Olivia shows up at Kate's to invite her out for a drink, she finds her crying. Kate snaps at her and says that she could've prevented Sonny from marrying Claudia by telling him about his son. Then she explains everything that happened with Jax, and then Carly, tonight and tells her that Carly is now out to get her. Olivia tells Kate that she made her choices and now she has to deal with them.

Once Cameron is tucked in bed, Liz comes downstairs and tells Lucky that he was right all along about Jason being too dangerous for her. She says that she put her wants before her children and now her baby is gone.

Next on General Hospital:

Carly goes to Nik looking for help with her plans to ruin Jax and Kate.

Nik gets a teary call from Nadine.

After hearing about his new marriage, Diane quits her job as Sonny's lawyer.

Trevor warns Kate of Carly's plan.

Kate admits to Olivia that telling Sonny about Dante could be her payback to him.

The Quartermaines hatch a plan to try to neutralize Tracy's bad behavior.

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