Robert is unhappy with Peter and Maxie on General Hospital

At the hospital, Finn and Anna chat briefly before Anna gets a mayday call from Felicia, who is at the Floating Rib where Robert is with Mac and is pretty drunk.

At the Floating Rib, Anna arrives as Robert continues to drink and mourn Holly. Peter and Maxie enter, and a drunk Robert tells them this is a terrible time and to get out. Maxie assumes they are saying goodbye to Holly. Peter asks who that is, and Maxie explains. Peter and Maxie agree to go elsewhere, but Maxie decides to give Robert her condolences first. As she tells him how sorry she is, Robert goes on a tirade that it’s not right that Holly is dead and a dirtbag like Peter gets to live. Peter decides to get out of their way, and heads into the hall. He texts someone, “Need answers NOW.” He later steps out for air.

Peter and Maxie upset Robert on General Hospital

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Brook Lynn takes Michael to Sonny’s gym to work out. They get in the ring, with Brook Lynn wearing boxing pads, and she advises him to take all his frustrations out in the ring and not tomorrow in court. Chase and Sasha appear and immediately decide to leave. Before they can, Brook Lynn screams at both of them for being liars and cheaters, and Sasha yells back. Chase and Michael tell both women to calm down, but Brook Lynn goes after Sasha and decks her across the face for betraying Michael. Later, Brook Lynn and Chase are alone, as Michael took Sasha to the hospital. He writes her a citation for public disturbance, which she rips up and throws in his face. Chase places her under arrest.

Brooklynn showdown with Sasha on General Hospital

At Crimson, Nelle asks Nina if she would testify on her behalf at the hearing. Nelle believes she has a second chance to be a mother to Wiley and to do better by him. One day maybe she can grow into someone people admire, someone like Nina, but she can’t unless she is given a second chance. Up in the Metro Court, Jax meets with Carly. Carly worries if someone like Nina can believe Nelle then the judge could be won over by her too. Carly swears she will blame Nina if she helps Nelle get custody of Wiley. They bicker about Nina’s motives and beliefs about being a mother, and Jax eventually offers to talk to Nina. Carly thinks she will listen to him. Jax heads back up to Crimson and finds Nelle asking Nina if she will help her. Jax suggests it’s late and they should go. Nelle hopes Nina will think about what she asked. Nelle leaves, and Nina admits to Jax that Nelle wants her to be her character witness. Jax realizes Nina is entertaining the idea and warns her Wiley could pay the price for giving Nelle the benefit of the doubt. Meanwhile, Nelle goes down to the bar and calls Martin to tell him she believes she found a character witness.

Nina considers Nelle's question on General hospital

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At Turning Woods, Sonny visits Mike on Dante’s birthday, but Mike is pretty zoned out. Felix has been visiting and checking on Mike for Sonny. Sonny eventually asks Mike to tell him what he needs. He needs to know how his dad wants to spend the remaining time he has left, and if he wants life-saving measures to be taken if necessary. Mike whispers into Sonny’s ear and asks to watch the Yankees, so Sonny puts the game on. Later Carly arrives, and Mike has fallen asleep. He tells Carly he brought up the DNR, and he thinks because his dad asked for the Yankees, that means he’s not ready to give up. He’ll try and talk to his dad again tomorrow.

Sonny tries to get Mike to open up on General Hospital

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At the clothing drive, Kristina tells Sam while Jason would die for her, his first priority will always be her dad and Carly. Molly lashes out at Kristina, and Sam tells them to stop and blurts out, “I just want a drink.” She immediately apologizes to her mother. Molly and Kristina don’t see the big deal as their mother has been sober for years. Alexis comes clean about her recent slip, but she’s back on track after a meeting. They are interrupted by a call from Diane, and Alexis asks if it is good news or bad news. After the call, Alexis reveals to her daughters that she’s been disbarred.

Alexis asks Kristina why she'd say terrible things on General Hospital

On the docks, Peter attacks a man and says he wanted Robert distracted, not to kill Holly Sutton. The man says they were only monitoring Holly and had nothing to do with the incident.

Peter returns to The Floating Rib and Mac hopes Peter can overlook what Robert said. Meanwhile, Felicia asks Anna why she’s been so quiet. Anna read a WSB report on Holly’s death, and she thinks there is more to the story.

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