Nikolas hears from Spencer on General Hospital
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Brando shows up at Sonny’s gym and finds Jason working out with the bag. He lets Jason know he’s decided to stay in Port Charles. Jason needs some help with his bike, and Brando comments he thought Sam was his mechanic and reveals she was at his garage earlier and knows a lot about bikes. Jason asks if Sam is having car trouble. Brando explains how he accidentally insulted Kristina, and Sam dropped by to chew him out, but also pick up Molly’s car which he fixed.

Brando tells Jason he's staying in town on General Hospital

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At Wyndemere, Ava calls Franco to make sure he is still coming to finish her portrait. Franco will be there. Nikolas storms in furious that Ava tried to have some trees cut down and reminds her she has no right to change anything at Wyndemere. Ava points out he’s received a letter and he sees it’s from Spencer. Nikolas reads it and Spencer is willing to forgive Nikolas, but only if he leaves Ava. Ava is stunned but understands Spencer needs someone to be angry at and he’s focusing on her. She understands if Nikolas wants a divorce, but reminds him they have a postnup which gives her ninety percent of the Cassadine fortune if he leaves her. He lashes out at her for trying to rob Spencer of his fortune. She says he has to choose, his son or his money.

Nikolas and Ava argue about her changing Wyndemere on General Hospital

At General Hospital, Liz finds Franco dealing with their bills in his studio. Liz sees an invitation from Ava among the pile of mail, opens it and is shocked. It’s for her portrait unveiling and she’s using Franco past to drum up interest. Franco isn’t bothered and says she is paying him to paint her. He also brings up that July is the ten-year anniversary of his show in New York where he terrorized a lot of people. He has been offered a lot of money to talk about it with certain people, and the buzz is also increasing the value of his paintings. He sees it as a way for them to deal with their bills and contribute to the boys’ college funds. She doesn’t like it and thinks he should just make art to make art. Franco points out Liz doesn’t understand because she isn’t a real artist. He quickly apologizes, but the damage is done and she is hurt. Franco’s phone dings to remind him of his appointment with Ava. He doesn’t want to leave things like this and is sorry. Later Nikolas arrives to see Liz, who is still in a mood, and she snaps at him. He wonders what is going on.

Franco is worried about his past on General Hospital

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Sam, Kristina and Molly are volunteering at the clothing drive, and end up bickering about whether Molly should come clean with TJ about Brando. Outside, Alexis confers with Diane on the phone about her upcoming meeting with the bar association. She enters to find her daughters arguing and wonders what they are fighting about. Kristina says it was about what happened with TJ. Molly tells her mother that he proposed a domestic partnership. Alexis is happy for Molly if she’s happy. When Alexis praises her daughter, Molly blurts out she slept with another man. After she tells her mother everything, Kristina and Sam bicker over whether Molly should come clean with TJ. Sam lashes out at Kristina and says not everyone ignores their problems until their life explodes. Kristina quips back about Sam risking her own freedom to sneak around with Jason, which shocks Alexis. Sam screams she wouldn’t be in this situation at all if she hadn’t had to save Kristina from a cult.

Sam lashes out at Molly on General Hospital

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At Charlie’s, Neil barges into the closed establishment and gets up in Julian’s face about what he’s done to Alexis. They argue, and Neil says Julian’s outburst got back to the medical board and now he’s been stripped of his license. Neil also reveals that Alexis is possibly facing disbarment because of his outburst. Julian wonders if Alexis has kicked him to the curb and that is what has him so upset. Neil says she hasn’t, but maybe she should. Julian admits doesn’t like the idea of Neil being with Alexis, but he wants her to be happy and for some reason, Neil makes her happy. He knows Alexis will need his help if she ends up in trouble with the bar association, and Neil should support her however he can. Julian says he’d be a fool to walk away from someone like Alexis.


Franco arrives at Wyndemere and finds Ava in tears. He asks what happened. She assures him that she’s fine. He says he’s a bit down and could use a hug. She collapses into his arms sobbing.

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