Brando and Sonny talk future at Corinthos compound General Hospital
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Dev and Joss join Sonny in the Corinthos living room. Brando arrives. Sonny tells the kids that the situation has been addressed. They can go back to school and Brando can go back to Chicago. The kids excitedly rush out. Sonny tells Brando he appreciates all his help. Brando wonders if he can stay. That’s okay with Sonny.

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Cam and Liz walk the halls of General Hospital. He tells her his new therapist isn’t as good as Neil. She wonders what’s on his mind. Trina appears. Liz leaves them alone and things are awkward. Trina confronts Cam for avoiding her since they kissed and thinks they should talk about it. She suggests they just have some PTSD and nothing has changed between them. Trina insists that he’s still into Joss, not her. He tells her how great she is and starts hugging her. Joss and Dev interrupt and wonder what’s going on. They change the topic to them being out of house arrest. Joss takes Trina aside and wonders why she and Cam seem so happy. Meanwhile, Liz and Portia are at the nurses’ station. The doctor tells her she’s thinking of applying for head of internal medicine and worries how people might react. Liz assures her she has the nurses’ respect and she should go for it.

Trina tells Cam she can't do it anymore General Hospital

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The second Brook Lynn walks into Charlie’s, Julian orders her out. She accuses him of putting Lucas in a coma after hiding Michael’s son from him. She threatens to go to Sonny. He points out she could have blood on her conscience if she does. That’s not what she wants. Dustin interrupts and Brook Lynn starts to make excuses about what they were arguing over. They take a table and bicker about him being late and a high school teacher.

Julian orders Brook Lynn to stay out of Charlie's General Hospital

Willow shows up at Chase’s apartment. She just wants to pick up her stuff. He’s sorry he hurt her. She doesn’t have room in her heart to think about what happened. After she packs her stuff, she wheels it out and sobs in the hallway. The cop sits on the floor and flashes back through their relationship.

Willow tells Chase she can't hurt anymore at home General Hospital

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Nelle runs into Michael in the park. She assumes he’s hurting from Sasha doing the dirty on him. She suggests that they make a deal and she take full custody in exchange for dropping the charges against the grandmothers. Michael refuses to deal. After she wanders off, he starts beating a tree until Willow interrupts. He tells her how much Nelle is driving him crazy. Willow says it’s good that he’s furious and Nelle is a psycho. He gets her to beat up on the tree so she’ll feel better too. He promises that they will stop Nelle together.

Michael lectures Nelle about trust in the park General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Carly questions Sasha about why she cheated on Michael. Carly believed her when she claimed she wouldn’t hurt Michael. Sasha tries to explain things, claiming that Michael needs someone purer than her. Carly guesses she’s lying and only wants Michael to think she slept with Chase. She realizes that Sasha has sacrificed her own happiness for Wiley’s sake and admires that. Sasha starts to tear up and walks out. Nelle shows up and tells Carly that she just had a negative encounter with Michael and the court will hear all about it. Carly says she has a good feeling about Michael’s case.

Carly confronts Sasha at the Metro Court General Hospital

Sasha shows up at Chase’s apartment. He tells her that he’s just waiting to feel better but all he can think about is the future with Willow that he’s lost. She’s waiting to feel like this was worth it too. They tell themselves they are doing the right thing. She cries.

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