Lulu asked to go easy on Valentin on General Hospital
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At Chase’s place, he explains to Finn that his fake affair was to push Michael and Willow to marry in order to help Michael gain custody of Wiley. Finn tells his brother that his intentions were good, but he made a huge mistake. Finn begs Chase to find Willow and come clean with her. The longer this lie festers the less chance he’ll have to win her back. It’s not fair to Willow that he made decisions for her.

Finn tells Chase to fix things with Willow on General Hospital

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Michael arrives at the newly remolded Corinthos house. He is about to tell Carly something when a call from Sasha interrupts them. Sasha has moved all her things out of the house and left her key. They say goodbye and hang up. Carly inquiries about that goodbye, which sounded final. Michael tells his mom that he and Sasha are over. He reveals that Willow discovered Chase and Sasha having an affair. Michael feels Sasha wasn’t ready for an instant family with Wiley and him and found a way out. Michael needs to do something and can’t sit around, so Carly advises he go for a run and clear his head. Michael takes her advice.

The new Corinthos living room on General Hospital

In the Metro Court, Nelle overhears Willow on the phone with Lucy asking her to find her a one-bedroom apartment. Nelle wanted to apologize to Willow for saying Willey meant nothing to her, and she is sorry that Chase broke her heart, but he is an expert at seducing vulnerable women. Willow tells her to go to hell and storms off. Later, Sasha arrives, and Nelle suggests she leave before Carly tears her apart. Nelle also lets her know that her lawyer will be calling her to be a character witness against Michael. Nelle departs and Carly arrives. A seething Carly tells Sasha that Michael is blaming himself for what happened between her and Chase, but she blames Sasha. Down in the Crimson offices, Lulu arrives and learns Charlotte is in Nina’s office with Valentin. Nina asks why Charlotte is upset. Lulu believes Charlotte overheard her and her mom discussing Valentin not fighting her for custody. In Nina’s office, Valentin promises Charlotte that he loves her, but she just won’t see him as much for a while. They exit, and Lulu tells her daughter she can’t run off as she did. Lulu speaks with Charlotte in Nina’s office privately and asks her daughter if she overheard her and her grandmother talking. She admits she did and accuses her mom of not carrying if she doesn’t get to see her father. Outside the office, Nina is stunned to hear Valentin is giving up on his daughter and urges him to try and be a better man for Charlotte. She says stepping out of Charlotte’s life is the wrong move, and he agrees. Lulu appears and tells Valentin they need to talk. Lulu and Valentin talk in Nina’s office while outside Nina tries to keep a worried Charlotte calm. Lulu and Valentin eventually emerge. Lulu promises Charlotte they are both going to do better by her, and she deserves to be loved by both her parents. The three hug as a family.

Charlotte wants to run away with Valentin on General Hospital

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At Charlie’s, Kristina advises Molly that what happened with Brando had nothing to do with TJ, so there is no reason to tell him. TJ walks in and asks, “Tell me what?” Kristina says Molly told her the big news about them becoming domestic partners. TJ surprises Molly with picking up her car and paying the bill. Kristina has to get back to work and asks if they want anything. TJ orders a veggie burger and fries, and Molly decides to run some quick errands. Later, TJ asks Kristina how Molly is really doing. Kristina says she was lost without him and thought she lost him forever, and he is her rock.

TJ plans to surprise Molly on General Hospital

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Sam argues with Brando at his garage about staying away from Molly, which he insists he already promised to do as well as keep quiet. They argue back and forth until Sam calls a car to pick her up since she originally came to pick up Molly’s car. Later, Molly arrives and reveals she is not going to tell TJ about her and Brando. Molly asks to speak with Brando alone, so Sam exits. Molly appreciates Brando keeping quiet, and reveals she wanted to be with him that night, but it can never happen again. She also apologizes to him.

Brando and Sam talk about Molly on General Hospital

Michael goes for a run in the park and can’t stop thinking about Sasha. Nelle finds him stretching and asks if he wants to talk about Sasha.

Back at Chase’s place, Chase thinks about his brother’s advice. He’s shocked when Willow knocks at his door. She is there to pick up her things.

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