Valentin vows to put Charlotte first on General Hospital
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At home, Charlotte eavesdrops as Laura recounts to Lulu what Valentin said about walking away from his daughter for her own good. Lulu wonders what made him decide to back off now. Charlotte recalls telling her Papa she saw him push Ava off the roof and walks away. Laura tells Lulu she thinks Valentin is putting Charlotte first by backing off, but Lulu isn’t convinced. She’s never doubted his love for Charlotte, but reminds Laura he tried to kidnap her. Laura knows he has messed up but believes Valentin has had a life-altering change of heart when it comes to his daughter. Laura wonders how they’re going to tell Charlotte though.

Laura tells Lulu about Valentin on General Hospital

Jax enters Nina’s office while she puts out fires on the phone. After hanging up, she fills him in on her tropical shoot getting rained on and then tells him that Sasha cheated on Michael. Jax doesn’t think that makes sense but Nina counters Sasha is an opportunist. Jax knows she still misses her. Nina misses who she thought Sasha was, not who she turned out to be. When he offers his support, they start to canoodle. Charlotte runs in and yells for Jax to go away. She tearfully tells Nina she needs to get back together with Valentin so they can all be together again. Nina gently tells Charlotte she’ll always be in her life, but she cares about Jax. Charlotte cries that her father doesn’t want to see her. Jax interjects that can’t be true because dads are forever.

Nina and Jax discuss Sasha on General Hospital

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Alexis finds Valentin drinking at the Metro Court bar. She says he looks like he just lost his best friend. He admits he’s not fighting Lulu for custody of Charlotte because she needs stability and permanence. Alexis is stunned, but Valentin vows to find the strength to walk away and not look back. As Alexis continues to pry, Valentin wonders if she’s trying to avoid her own issues by asking about his. He’s willing to listen if she wants to talk. She doesn’t go into detail but admits she might lose her law license. He reminds her she’s more than her job. Alexis likes him so much more now that they’re not related. She asks, “Who are you?” He wonders that himself. Valentin gets a call from Nina about Charlotte and runs off.

Alexis is shocked by Valentin on General Hospital

In her office, Nina smiles as she listens to Jax reassure Charlotte about how much Valentin loves her. Valentin enters and embraces his daughter. Once alone, Charlotte accuses Valentin of not loving her anymore. Valentin assures her he does love her. He doesn’t want to leave her but he needs her to learn the difference between right and wrong. Charlotte needs him to teach her those things. She begs him to take her wherever he’s going. Nina calls a panicked Lulu to tell her Charlotte is there with Valentin.

Kristina and Sam learn Molly slept with Brando on General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Kristina and Sam are shocked to learn Molly slept with Brando. Sam understands that Molly was hurting and that it was just one night. Sam offers to pick up Molly’s car from the shop so she doesn’t have to run into Brando and leaves. Kristina urges Molly not to be so hard on herself when it comes to cheating on TJ, but Molly knows what she has to do. She has to tell TJ everything.

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At the garage, TJ realizes Brando didn’t charge Molly for all her car repairs. Brando says it was a first-time customer discount. As TJ hobbles out on his crutches, he runs into Sam. TJ praises Brando for giving Molly a special deal and leaves. One alone, Sam orders Brando to forget about Molly. Brando just wants to run his garage and asks her to leave him to it. She reiterates if he tries to make trouble for Molly and TJ he will be in a world of trouble with her.

On the docks, Cyrus wants an opportunity to put down roots in Port Charles and to co-exist with Sonny. The Don points out there’s a sniper on the roof. Cyrus says it’s just a precaution and calls the shooter off. Sonny tells Cyrus he can live there, but he will not move his product through his territory. Cyrus reluctantly agrees. Alone on the docks, Sonny explains to Jason he will destroy Cyrus when he’s not looking.

Cyrus and his goon enter the Metro Court restaurant. Cyrus makes it clear he isn’t going to play by Sonny’s rules and the first order of business is to get rid of Jason Morgan.

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Chase has memories of Willow on General Hospital

Chase returns home after working out and has memories of Willow. Finn stops by and notes his brother is not his “annoyingly upbeat self.” Chase confesses he cheated on Willow, but Finn doesn’t believe the story Chase spins. He knows Chase loves Willow to the moon and back and would never have an affair. He wants to know why Chase pushed Willow away. Chase eventually relents. He tells his brother he needs Willow to leave him and marry Michael.

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