Laura and Cyrus banter with Lulu at Metro Court General Hospital
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Carly is on the phone at the Metro Court, making arrangements for the Nurses’ Ball. Cyrus interrupts and she tells him he’s not welcome there. Lulu comes over and introduces herself to him, informing Carly they are having an interview. Carly tells them to do it somewhere else next time. He and Lulu take a table and he fills her in about his wrongful conviction thanks to corrupt cops. Cyrus claims to be no more than an investor who wants to contribute to the betterment of the community. As she asks about his past, Laura arrives. Cyrus assures them both he will be a benefit to society and plans to donate to Laura’s re-election campaign. Across the room, Alexis and Neil meet in the corner and discuss their professional hardship. She wonders what’s next for them. They recap the fallout from their sleeping together and the friction it’s caused in her life. He admits he’s angry at both of them.

Alexis and Neil discuss their future at Metro Court General Hospital

Jason goes down to the docks. He thinks about Sam.

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In her office at the Port Charles Police Department, Mac gives Jordan an update on the investigation into TJ’s abduction. Curtis arrives as Mac takes off. Jordan hopes that TJ doesn’t remember much from his abduction. She can’t let it be tied to Cyrus and wonders how she can stop him without risking lives. She’s been mulling over her options, but Curtis doesn’t see any.

Jordan talks to Curtis about Cyrus at her office General Hospital

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Sonny paces through the Corinthos compound and goes out to the patio. He thinks about memory and how much it defines a person. Carly arrives and they talk about the remodeling she’s been doing. He wishes it was as easy to deal with Mike’s problem. She tells him that Lulu is meeting with Cyrus as they speak. Jason joins them and explains Cyrus wasn’t happy that the meeting was canceled. Sonny tells them about Liz’s visit and that she suggested Mike get a DNR order and some palliative care. When he was feeding his father last night, he could still see his old self.

Sonny vents to Carly about Mike on Cointhos patio General Hospital

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Felix chats with TJ at General Hospital. TJ is still trying to remember who abducted him. Molly shows up and starts fussing. She mentions having to pick up her car from the garage and wonders how running over a curb could cause so much trouble. After she departs, Mac drops by to ask TJ if he remembers anything. They sit down and TJ remembers where he was abducted by two men. He blacked out and woke up in a van, going by a train before being brought to a basement.

Molly and TJ talk romance at General Hospital

Sam drops by Charlie’s to see Kristina, who assures her she is finally drama free. Kristina wonders why Julian gave her a raise. Sam suspects it’s because he’s feeling guilty over what he did to their mom. Brando wanders in to pick-up some food. Kristina recognizes his name and realizes they are cousins. When she introduces him to Sam, he says she’s a heroine for taking down the cult and wonders how anyone could fall for that mumbo jumbo. Kristina remembers her time in Dawn of Day. She gets upset and walks off. Sam explains her sister was part of the cult. When Kristina returns, Brando apologizes and offers to give her a discount on her car services. Molly arrives outside and watches him with her sisters, flashing back to cheating on TJ with Brando. When he comes outside, Molly lectures him for talking to her sisters.

Brando apologizes to Kristina at Charlie's General Hospital

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