Liz tells Sonny Mike needs a DNR on General Hospital
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Liz checks on Mike at Turning Woods. Sonny enters the room, and Mike remains in a dazed and confused state. Liz helps him try to take a sip of water, but he can’t, so she soaks a washcloth for him to suck on. Liz and Sonny head to the hall, and she asks about Mike having trouble drinking. Sonny says it started today, but yesterday he wasn’t eating. Liz warns Sonny that Mike’s memory isn’t just failing, his body is too. She suggests they think of palliative care to help make Mike comfortable. She says the support will also be there for him and his family. She also tells him that Mike doesn’t have a DNR, and he may need one. Liz checks back in on Mike and tells him she will be back to visit him soon. He calls her doll and says he’s so tired. She urges him to rest and departs. When Mike regains consciousness, Sonny tries to get him to have some of Olivia’s manicotti. Mike struggles but is able to eat some.

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Willow meets with Michael at Charlie’s. Michael decided not to have Diane come to the meeting to make her feel more uncomfortable. Willow breaks down and reveals Chase and Sasha are having an affair and she caught them together. Michael is confused and stunned. She thinks it goes back to a pregnancy scare she had, which freaked Chase out, and she didn’t realize Chase was in a different place in his life than she was. Michael reflects on Sasha also admitting she wasn’t ready to be a mom yet. They both think Sasha and Chase have turned to one another while the two of them have been so focused on Wiley. Michael decides to arrange for Willow to get a room at the Metro Court since she can’t go back to Chase’s.

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At Chase’s place, Sasha thinks it’s not too late to come clean with Willow and Michael. Chase asks her if she really thinks Michael and Willow would be happier with them, or together with Wiley? Chase reflects back on his history with Willow, and the entire time he’s been with her, her heart has also been with the child she gave up. He also knows Willow won’t forgive herself if she lets Wiley suffer or get hurt, so he had to let her go. Sasha thinks they will likely marry for Wiley’s sake, but at some point, Willow will fall for Michael. Sasha admits she didn’t realize until this moment how much she loves Michael.

Nina finds Nelle working late Crimson. Nelle wanted to put in hours because she won’t be able to work late once she has Wiley living with her. She is hoping to buy a small house with a picket fence and a swing for Wiley. Nina always wanted that too. Nelle never got her fairytale but is determined to make sure her son gets one. Nina advises her that if the opportunity for comprise with Michael ever presents itself then take it. Nina heads to the bar to meet Jax, and Nelle narrowly comes across the locket on Nina’s desk while looking for some papers. Alexis meets Diane up in the Metro Court. Sam arrives and Alexis realizes Diane has set her up. Sam insists this was her idea, and Diane feels Alexis has been shutting Sam out when she could use her support. Alexis comes clean to Sam about taking a drink after their fight. However, she assures her it wasn’t all her fault, and reveals her night of sex with Neil and then perjuring herself to the medical review board the next morning for Neil. Diane is flabbergasted, but as long as nobody knows it will be okay. Alexis reveals Britt saw them in New York, who told Julian, and Julian revealed it to half the hospital staff during a fight. Diane fears there are bumpy nights ahead, to attend regular meetings. Later, Willow runs into Nina in the bar. Willow tells Nina that she was right when she told her about running around fighting for a child she had no right to. Nina can see she’s upset and offers to call Chase. Nelle walks in with some documents for Nina just as Willow blurts out that Chase and Sasha are having an affair.

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Back at Chase’s, Michael arrives to confront Chase and finds Sasha still there. He asks how long this has been going on. Sasha explains it started the night they had drinks at The Floating Rib. She cries she never wanted to hurt him and runs out. Michael lays into Chase and asks how he could do this to Willow, shoves him, and won’t let anyone treat Willow the way he did again. Michael storms out.

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