Willow sees Chase and Sasha making out on General Hospital
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Willow is shocked to find Chase and Sasha making out on the couch at home. Sasha runs out of the room, as Chase tells Willow this wasn’t supposed to happen. It should be them on the couch together, but she’s too focused on Wiley, leaving him on the outside. Willow thinks they should have talked about this instead of him jumping into bed with Sasha. She never in a million years thought he could do this. She grabs her purse, walks out and cries in the hallway. Inside, Sasha returns to Chase who throws a glass and yells, “Damn it!” Teary-eyed, Sasha asks, “What have we done?” Chase brings out a bottle of wine he and Willow were saving. He pours them both a glass and suggests they toast to this hopefully being worth it.

Joss supports Michael marrying Willow on General Hospital

Joss brings Michael a smoothie at the hospital. They talk about Wiley’s upcoming hearing. Michael mentions Diane thinks he should marry Willow to strengthen his custody case. Joss thinks it’s a good idea, but Michael points out Willow is in love with Chase. Joss knows Michael is a way better parent than Nelle so he shouldn’t have trouble winning his case anyway.

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Sonny gets a call from Turning Woods and leaves home to see his father. Before he does, he tells Jason to cancel the meeting with Cyrus. Once alone, Carly tries to convince Jason to move forward with Cyrus, but Jason won’t go against Sonny’s wishes.

Cyrus pays Julian a visit on General Hospital

Cyrus enters Charlie’s to talk with Julian. He could use a guide to Port Charles. Julian thinks Sonny could help him out. Cyrus gets a call from Jason telling him the meeting’s off. Cyrus is disappointed and wants Jason to give Sonny a message, but Jason hangs up on him. Cyrus suggests he and Julian get better acquainted.

Carly lashes out at Jason in the Corinthos kitchen for hanging up on Sonny’s rival. Jason deadpans that Cyrus wouldn’t stop talking. Carly tells him there’s a better way to handle it and he knows it. Jason knows they both want to keep everyone safe, but they just go about it in different ways.

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Sonny sits with his father at Turning Woods on General Hospital

At Turning Woods, Sonny runs into Brook Lynn. They learn Mike had a seizure and fell while watching a movie. However, they aren’t running tests to determine the exact reason for the seizure because it would be too much for Mike. Besides, it wouldn’t do anything to improve his quality of life. Upset, Sonny enters Mike’s room alone. He tells his sleeping father he’s there and not going anywhere. When Mike wakes up, Brook enters and helps Sonny get him out of bed to use the bathroom. When they get him resituated, Mike isn’t very responsive and has trouble drinking water. An emotional Sonny tells Brook she doesn’t have to stay, but she’s happy to. Mike reaches out to Sonny and weakly asks, “Is it over?” Sonny thinks he’s talking about the movie. When Brook Lynn delicately asks Sonny if he thinks Mike was talking about something more specific, Sonny’s voice cracks insisting Mike was talking about the movie.

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Charlotte confesses to Valentin at Metro Court at General Hospital

Lulu becomes upset with Laura at the Metro Court bar when Laura tries to convince her daughter to ease up on her custody fight with Valentin. Lulu can’t understand why her mother is advocating for such a dangerous man. Laura insists she’s only advocating for Charlotte. She urges her daughter to compromise with Valentin who appears to have changed for the better. She warns Charlotte could grow up to resent Lulu for keeping her from her Papa. Lulu would prefer that over Charlotte not growing up at all. At a table in the restaurant, Valentin tries to make it clear to Charlotte Ava is not his enemy. She counters that she saw him push Ava off the roof. He tries to deny it, but she details what happened. She didn’t say anything at the time because she didn’t want to ruin his and Nina’s wedding. Charlotte knows her father will fix things with Nina and get Wyndemere back for them so they can have their happily ever after. Valentin brings Charlotte over to Lulu and asks Laura to talk. When they step away Charlotte worries to Lulu that her father is mad at her. Lulu assures her daughter that could never be true. Charlotte knows Lulu hates her father. She hears her complain about him when Lulu thinks she can’t hear her. Off to the side, Laura warns Valentin her chats with Lulu aren’t going the way he hoped. Valentin tells Laura Charlotte will need her to teach her to be good because clearly he can’t do that. Laura looks stunned as Valentin declares he won’t contest Lulu’s petition for custody.

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