Robert is caught breaking in by Spinelli on General Hospital
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At the Metro Court, Charlotte is sitting with Laura and Lulu. She gets up to get another drink, and Lulu is surprised Charlotte isn’t traumatized by the events of the party. Lulu asks her mother about her meeting with Valentin. Laura explains it was about what is best for Charlotte. At another table, Ava accuses Nikolas of putting the snake in her handbag, but he points out he was nowhere near the party. Charlotte walks by and he asks how the kids reacted to the snake. She says most thought it was cool, and it’s too bad Ava didn’t have a secret bodyguard to protect her. Nikolas apologizes to Charlotte for getting off on the wrong foot. Valentin walks in and sends Charlotte back to her mother and warns them to stay away from his daughter. Valentin goes to join Charlotte, who tells her papa about the birthday party. Lulu brings up the snake in Ava’s purse, and Valentin gives his daughter a look. Laura is called away on business, and Lulu goes to check on her brother. Valentin confronts his daughter about a purchase she recently made at Roger’s Reptile Roundup with his credit card. Charlotte admits she put the snake in Ava’s purse because she hates her and Nikolas for stealing everything from them and now, he and Nina will never be married. At Ava and Nikolas’ table, Lulu checks on Ava after the snake incident. She also chastises Nikolas once again for manipulating her daughter for his own means, and says he isn’t much better than Valentin. Ava scolds Lulu for appointing herself the arbiter of right and wrong. Lulu walks away, and Ava suggests to her husband they throw a party to unveil her portrait, but he doubts any of his family will show up for that awful thing. Ava storms off.
Lulu and Laura discuss Valentin on General Hospital

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In the park, Chase thinks Willow should marry Michael to help him get custody of Wiley, but Willow said Michael assures her he’s got the best lawyer and defense. She is even testifying on his behalf and to Nelle’s character. Willow needs to get back to work, and they kiss goodbye.

Willow and Chase discuss marriage on General Hospital

At the hospital, Carly, Michael and Sasha discuss his case against Nelle. Sasha has to head to work, and Carly again pushes her son to marry Willow. Michael doesn’t believe Willow can turn her back on the man she loves and marry him. Later, Michael runs into Willow and asks if they can meet with Diana so she can go over her testimony. Willow can’t because she has plans with Chase, but with Wiley coming home tomorrow, agrees to meet them seeing Michael will have his hands full.

Laura and Michael discuss marrying Willow on General Hospital

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Back in the park, Sasha and Chase meet and discuss what they have to do in order to ensure Nelle doesn’t win.

Jason and Sonny discuss Cyrus on General Hospital

In the Corinthos kitchen, Sonny asks Jason to set up a meeting with Cyrus. Carly returns and Jason excuses himself to make the arrangements. Later, Jason returns as Carly vents about Nelle. Suddenly, Sonny gets a call from Turning Woods. Mike fell again and may have had a seizure.

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At Maxie’s apartment, Robert takes a call from Anna and insists he had to leave because of DA business. After he hangs up, Robert releases Spinelli, who he had pinned to the wall. Robert suspects Spinelli is there looking for dirt on Peter and Spinelli admits he is and suspects Robert is doing the same. Spinelli suggests they join forces, and after some bickering, Robert finally agrees. Spinelli suggests they should get out before Peter and Maxie return, and they make a hasty getaway. In the hall, Robert gets a shocking call.

At Anna’s, Peter and Maxie help her clean up. Anna wonders how the snake made got in Ava’s purse, and Maxie suggests it was likely Nikolas. Fortunately, Finn was able to scoop it up, but the kids loved it. Anna vents about Robert disappearing, and Peter suggests he probably couldn’t take faking being nice to him any longer. Peter brings up Spinelli is similar, and Maxie threatened to marry him to shut Spinelli up. Peter also put Spinelli in his place the other day and told him they were going to be together forever. Later when Anna and Maxie get a moment alone, she lets Maxie know that words like forever and marriage mean a lot to Peter, so be careful when throwing them around.

Peter makes an accusation on General Hospital

Maxie and Peter return home and he asks her what she and Anna were talking about when he was helping Finn with the kids. She tells him they were discussing how special he is.

A devastated Robert arrives at Anna’s and tells her that Holly is dead.

Willow returns home to a shirtless Chase and Sasha making out on the couch.

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