Ava argues with Sonny and Carly at gallery General Hospital
Credit: Image: Chris D/JPI

General Hospital will be airing encore episodes on Fridays until May 22. New episodes will still be airing from Monday through Thursday. This week, ABC’s Flashback Friday digs into the past of Ava Jerome to re-examine the day that she cast a critical eye on some of the mistakes in her life. After going under the knife for a radical surgery to repair the scars on her face, Ava encountered some of her demons while unconscious on the operating table. Read our GH recap for January 17, 2018, Ava is haunted by the past during her surgery.

After revisiting this moment from Port Charles history, check out what Dustin thought of the latest episodes as he ponders the mystery of Nelle and Nina, the hole left by Obrecht and Britt’s exits, and the flurry of flashbacks in his latest column.

On the next General Hospital:

Something startling happens to Sonny.

Robert has unpleasant information.

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