Charlotte is up to no good on General Hospital
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Violet’s birthday party is in full swing at Anna’s with most of the parents and kids of Port Charles attending. Chase and Willow arrive with a unicorn piñata and extra cupcakes, and Finn quickly hides the piñata which is a surprise. Violet enters and insists Willow come to see the clown, pony, bouncy house and popcorn stand in the back yard and drags her away. Chase jokes with his brother that he never knew he was so much fun. Hiding near the stairs, Charlotte has a sack with her pet snake, Nagini, in it and thinks they are going to have so much fun at this party. Lulu begins to search for her missing daughter and finds her right after she hides the sack. She suggests since Charlotte knows so much about horses that she can help the other kids with the pony. Later, Anna freaks when she finds Robert with a long present and begs him not to do this. He insists it is a tradition. Violet enters and sees it, and Robert helps her unwrap it. It’s a didgeridoo, which he plays a happy birthday tune on for the girl.

Anna is shocked by something at Violet's party on General Hospital

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At Sonny’s, he and Jason discuss the Cyrus situation. Sonny believes there is someone else who should be warned about Cyrus. Jason departs and later Nikolas and Ava arrive to pick up Avery for Violet’s party. Sonny has assigned Cy to watch over Ava and Avery and Nikolas will stay there so they can catch up. After Ava leaves, Nikolas apologizes for not coming to see him earlier, and for getting Carly involved in his scheme. Sonny is furious and tells Nikolas he has no use for a man who betrays his children as he did. Sonny admits Spencer checks in with him every night and tells him about everything but never mentions his father. But Sonny knows he’s in pain. Nikolas thinks about his argument with Spencer the last time he saw him. He believes his son will come around in time and understand the choices he made, but Sonny says he only feels betrayed for money. Sonny wants Nikolas to stay away from the people he loves, including Carly and Spencer. They continue to argue, and Sonny warns him to do whatever he wants with Ava, but not to hurt Spencer. If he does, Sonny will intervene. Nikolas storms out.

Nikolas apologizes to Sonny on General Hospital

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Ava arrives at the party with Avery and they run into Franco. Franco offers to take her out to see all the fun things in the backyard. Meanwhile, Olivia scolds Leo for running around and then runs into Robert. She reflects on how much Leo is like Dante. Robert, unfortunately, says Dante’s condition hasn’t improved. Olivia thinks back to the last time she saw him. Olivia vows she’ll never give up hope that her son will eventually improve. Meanwhile, Chase, Finn and Willow fill the piñata with candy and hide it. It’s a new and improved one that involves pulling a string rather than hitting it with a bat. Charlotte, checking on her snake, overhears them discussing the piñata. Out front, Anna meets with Jason. He gives her a heads up about Cyrus, who is targeting police, and says Sonny wanted her to know. She thanks him but thinks she can take care of herself. Suddenly Danny, with Sam, spot Jason. Anna excuses herself, and Danny asks his dad to stay. Jason explains to Danny that he needs him to look out after his mom and Scout because he’s unable to be around much right now. Meanwhile, Willow tells Chase how amazing it is seeing how much Violet has changed Finn’s life. Chase reflects on talking with Sasha about Willow and Michael marrying to stop Nelle. In the living room, Charlotte confronts Ava about how she really wants to go home and see her horse Butterscotch. Ava tells her she’s more than welcome to visit anytime she wants. Charlotte storms off and Lulu apologizes for her daughter. Whatever Ava and Nikolas have going on, she doesn’t want to see Charlotte caught in the middle of their feud with Valentin. Ava thinks that won’t be a problem because she and Nikolas won. Elsewhere, Anna notices Finn looks troubled. He’s been thinking about Hayden not being there, and that it’s been a while since Violet has asked about her. Anna believes she will talk to him about her mother when she’s ready. Finn thinks about his history with Hayden through flashbacks. Charlotte interrupts walking through with the piñata, claiming to be keeping it safe. Anna decides to gather the children so they can open it. The camera pans to Charlotte’s sack, which is empty.

lulu worried about Cassadine drama on General Hospital

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