Michael and Willow talk marriage on General Hospital
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After Willow reads to a young boy at the hospital, she learns he’s terminal. Teary, Willow tells Chase she couldn’t stand it if something happened to Wiley. She knows she doesn’t have a say though. Chase encourages her to go spend time with the boy. She tells him he’s amazing and they exchange I love yous. He pensively watches Willow walk away and then sends a text. Elsewhere, Michael tells Sasha the hearing has been moved up to next week. His chances of getting custody of Wiley are slightly better than 50%. They go up if he marries Willow. She’s on board with the plan because Wiley is all that matters right now. Michael reminds her Willow is in love with Chase. He can’t ask her to put her life on hold for him. Sasha gets a text from Chase to meet but lies to Michael about who it’s from. After Willow visits with Wiley in his hospital room, she runs into Michael. He tells her the hearing has been moved up and that Diane thinks he’d have a better case if he married her. He relays that their strategy in court has to be what’s best for Wiley, which Michael thinks is Willow. It’s not a commitment she can make, but if it’s the only way, she’ll do it. Michael will think of something else.

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At her place, Maxie worries to Peter about telling Lulu she’s working for Deception, which is bankrolled by Valentin. She rants about Lulu worshipping Luke as a young girl and thinks she should understand Charlotte’s view of Valentin, concluding the men aren’t that different. Maxie appreciates Peter letting her vent so she doesn’t do it to Lulu and leaves.
Nelle confronts Valentin on General Hospital

Nina runs into Valentin near the Metro Court elevators. He doesn’t think they should be seen together, but she believes they have common interests, namely, they both want to be with their children. She thinks she could be surprisingly good for him as a friend. He passes. Valentin reminds her of the passports he forged for her. He recommends she not make him mad or else he’ll be forced to choose sides and she won’t like that. Nelle warns he’ll regret choosing to be her enemy. At a table in the restaurant, Maxie meets Lulu, who immediately starts going off about Valentin. Maxie gently tells her about working at Deception and Valentin’s involvement. Lulu warns she should get out before it’s too late. Maxie wasn’t asking for her approval. She defends her choice and Valentin’s business acumen. Incensed, Lulu reminds Maxie of all his wrongdoings. After more bickering, Lulu and Maxie agree to disagree. Lulu is happy for Maxie’s new job and knows she’ll crush it. The women leave to go to Violet’s party, as Valentin lurks. At the bar, Chase asks Sasha what she thinks about Michael marrying Willow. Sasha loves Michael, he could be the one, but protecting Wiley is more important right now. She points out marriage and kids aren’t on her and Michael’s radar, but she knows it might be different for him and Willow. Chase flashes back to romantic moments with Willow. He tells Sasha Willow is the love of his life. Sasha thinks he’s entitled to a life with Willow, pointing out Wiley’s custody is not Chase’s problem to solve. Chase doesn’t think Willow would leave him to marry Michael, but wonders if Willow could live with herself if Nelle gets custody of Wiley.

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Anna wants Robert to be nice to Peter on General Hospital

Finn follows Violet into the house as she tells Anna about her bouncy house for her party. Robert enters to relay he brought the pony. Finn and Violet run out to see it. Anna asks Robert if Obrecht’s extradition means he can move on from hating on Peter. She urges him to drop his vendetta against her son and not stir things up at the party. Robert vows to be the vision of politeness when Peter shows up. When Peter does arrive, Robert pulls him aside to apologize. He now knows Obrecht is the guilty party and offers a peaceful co-existence. Peter accepts. Anna interrupts them and Robert walks away. Peter asks Anna if he should believe Robert’s olive branch. Anna knows Robert doesn’t trust him but points out Robert is an honorable man. She hopes they can co-exist and maybe one day be friends. Once alone, Peter makes a call. He says Scorpio may still be a problem and they should move forward with the distraction.

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