Patrick returns home after a rough day in surgery. Robin greets him with a smile, but is sorry that she didn't get time to wash the sour milk smell out of her hair. They plop down on the sofa together and try to relax until Emma wakes up. Robin mentions the giant turkey that Mac bought for Thanksgiving and Patrick comments that he hates turkey. Robin knows, but since Anna's in town, they're going to do a big family thing. She asks how he used to spend Thanksgiving and he said that he used to go on vacation somewhere warm. They chuckle about how different things are now and Robin wonders what their lives would've been like if they hadn't met when they did. Patrick smiles and recalls the 'butterfly effect'. He explains that when a butterfly flaps its wings in China it ultimately changes the waves in New York. Robin has rested her head in his lap and smiles at the thought of it. She drifts off into a dream.

Fresh from Paris, Robin gets off the GH elevator and is greeted by her roommates, Kelly and Lainey. They excitedly fill her in about the hot new neurosurgeon on the staff. Later, Robin meets him face-to-face (kind of) when she comes across him in the shower with Leyla!

Dr. Patrick Drake and Robin simply cannot agree on how to treat their mutual patients and they argue all the time. She can't stand his macho ego and general horniness, and he generally tells her to go out and get some sex before she dries up and blows away. Meanwhile, a new doctor introduces himself as Matt Hunter and asks to see the Chief of Staff, Alan Quartermaine.

Later, Patrick finds himself at Jake's and hooks up with Carly after a quick game of pool. Robin, Lainey and Kelly are slamming tequila and scoffing at his smooth moves.

A couple months later, the tension between Dr. Scorpio and Dr. Drake has escalated. Alan approaches the nurses' desk and introduces the new neurosurgeon, Dr. Matt Hunter. Patrick is prickly about not being included in the decision and Matt dumps the news on him that he is his half-brother.

Patrick starts sniffing around Liz, who doesn't bite until she learns that Carly dumped him and he's free. So, after tossing around some cheesy lines such as 'what's a nice girl like you doing in a dump like this?' she agrees to go to the stockcar races with him. They have a fabulous time together, but ultimately she dumps him because she needs to find a man who wants to be a father to Cameron.

As for Robin, Matt has been asking her out but she's been able to dodge him by saying that her life is complicated. Eventually she accepts and the two grow pretty close. She pulls back as things start to get intimate, but he gently tells her that he's aware of her HIV status and is prepared. Robin is touched that he didn't shy away from her and proceeds with the relationship.

One day, Maxie is at GH looking for Robin, but she meets Matt instead. She asks if they've meet before, but he doesn't think so.

A few months later, Robin finds Patrick lying low in the doctors' lounge. He's just lost a patient and Robin's protocol might've saved him if only he hadn't been so stubborn. When Robin finally has the chance to rub something in his face, she doesn't. Instead, she tells him that he's human and that he did all that he could. The next day, Patrick is agreeable to Robin at work and lets her take the lead on a mutual patient.

One night Robin comes home and finds Matt making out with Maxie!

She and Patrick both find themselves at Jake's drinking together. They end up dancing and smiling because they got off to such a bad start.

Robin wakes up to the sound of Emma crying. Patrick brings the baby to her and they all sit on the sofa together. Robin says that she's glad they met when they did, but even if they hadn't they certainly would have found each other. Patrick smiles and says that this is what he always wanted, but he just didn't know. He asks her to marry him and Robin laughs at the thought of trying that again.

Patrick says to Emma, "Tell Momma to say yes."

To her daughter, Robin says, "Tell Daddy to say when."

They agree on the week after Christmas.

Next on General Hospital:

ABC will air an encore presentation of Sonny and Kate's (almost) wedding on Thanksgiving Day.

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