Robert visits Obrecht in jail on General Hospital
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Jax surprises Nina in her office with flowers and asks her to dinner, but she’s too behind with work because Nelle walked out and never returned. The conversation turns to Nelle, and Nina admits they may be more alike than she realized. Jax thinks she’s nothing like Nelle, but she recounts some of the awful things she did. He reminds her that she had a mental illness and recovered. Nina worries Jax is only seeing what he wants to in her. He sees a strong, vibrant, intelligent woman who sees the good in people even if they aren’t always good. He also sees she has the love of a little girl whose world has been turned upside down. He puts on some music and asks her to dance. In the Metro Court, Laura meets with Valentin. She saw his message to her daughter demanding they meet, deleted it and came to deal with him. He was hoping to convince Lulu to drop her latest custody filing and return to their initial shared custody agreement for Charlotte’s sake. Laura is beginning to believe Lulu is right and what’s best for Charlotte is not having him in her life. He reminds her that he is her father and loves Charlotte, and begs Laura to at least ask Lulu to think about a truce.

Nina and Jax discuss Nelle on General Hospital

At Kelly’s, Brook Lynn is thrilled Dusty is going to write a song with her. Lulu, who stopped in to get some pastries for Rocco, reminds Brook Lynn all she’s going to be doing with Dusty is writing a song. Brook Lynn asks about Rocco and thinks he must be missing Dante, whose been gone over a year now. The two end up in another insult slinging match until Dustin breaks it up and reminds them they agreed to move on. Lulu apologizes and departs after sharing a kiss with Dustin. Dustin then scolds Brook Lynn for always provoking Lulu. Brook Lynn explains her history with Lulu and Dante, and he thinks Lulu would let things go if she apologized. She claims she has, but he thinks it needs to be a sincere apology. He tells her she always has her guard up, and to be a good songwriter she needs to let those walls down. She suggests they end this therapy session and get to writing songs.

Lulu is furious with Brook Lynn again on General Hospital

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Maxie and Peter arrive at Anna’s to help her fill goodie bags for Violet’s party. Maxie remembers her and Liesl working on the bags for James’ party, and then pauses. Anna tells Maxie that Obrecht is being transferred out of the country and urges her to go say goodbye and get closure. Maxie decides to take her advice and heads out. Peter helps Anna with the bags and thinks how much his life has changed. Peter is also enjoying getting to know Robin and Britt and reveals Britt got a better job in Boston and left. They finish the bags and he wonders how many guests are coming to this shindig. She says about thirty, and Robert will be attending.

Peter and Anna plan Violet's party on General Hospital

In jail, Obrecht screams to see Robert. He arrives and tells her tomorrow she’s headed to The Hague where she will stand trial. She proclaims her innocence. Robert says Peter may have framed her, but she’s far from innocent. She asks him to put in a word on behalf of her innocence, but he can’t. Robert believes Peter will eventually let his guard down, but he can’t catch him if Peter remains suspicious of him. Later, Maxie arrives to see Obrecht to say goodbye. Obrecht asks about James, and Maxie fumes and says he is wondering where she is. Maxie tells Obrecht she doesn’t have to lose her family and begs her to plead guilty and show remorse. Obrecht swears on Nathan’s memory that she is innocent, and she would never do anything to lose her place in James’ life. Maxie wishes she could believe her, but Obrecht is too damaged. Maxie says goodbye and walks out leaving Obrecht sobbing on the floor. Robert promises to keep an eye on Peter and will watch out for Maxie and James. Obrecht says no prison can hold her and vows Peter will suffer for his crimes and she will get her family back.

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Maxie says goodbye to Obrecht on General Hospital

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Lulu finds her mother with Valentin at the Metro Court and thinks Valentin is badgering her mother. Laura asks Valentin to give them privacy, so he walks away. Lulu opens up about Rocco. She knows he’s missing Dante and he needs his father. Laura hugs her daughter and casts a look over at Valentin.

Laura talks with Valentin in secret on General Hospital

Maxie returns to Anna’s in tears. She doesn’t know how to tell James he’s losing his grandma. Anna suggests she remind him that he has a whole family who loves him.

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