Willow tells Sasha she needs to do something at General Hospital
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At General Hospital, Willow sobs to Sasha and worries that she’s too stressed. Sasha tells her that the body has a hard time handling emotional stress. She points out how strong Willow’s maternal instincts are. Tait says that she’s the closest thing Wiley has to a mother and she has to stand up for him.

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In the Corinthos kitchen, Michael worries to Chase about how stressed Willow is and suggests she should stay away from the hearing. The detective says that she would do anything for Wiley and helping would make her feel better. He flashes back to her outburst in Shiloh’s court case and how he had to arrest her. Michael admits that Nelle is awful, but Willow wouldn’t have been part of her life without her.

Michael and Chase discuss the custody hearing General Hospital

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At Pozzulo’s, Jason assures Joss that the facts are on Michael’s side in the court case. She wishes he’d been around when Nelle first came into town. He would have seen through her. She flashes back through her memories of Nelle.

Jason and Joss talk Wiley and Nelle General Hospital

In the Crimson offices, Nina tells Jax about her mom’s attempts to kill her and how she’s always wanted to believe her own baby has survived. Her instincts tell her that her daughter is still out there somewhere. She shows him her half-heart necklace and he offers to get someone to dig around. She’s afraid to hope again. Joss shows up and asks her dad for a drive to volleyball. When she’s left alone, Nina looks at the necklace and recalls giving a copy of the other half to Sasha. Meanwhile, Nelle reminds Carly that they had the same father. Carly refuses to accept that and insists she never knew that Frank had a daughter. Nelle says that’s a lie. In a flashback, young Carly tracks down Frank and demands the fourteen years of child support he owed her mother. Nelle was there as a little girl to see this. Back in the present, Nelle claims that Frank wanted them all to spend time together to be sisters and Carly refused. She adds that Carly didn’t care about her and left her behind. Carly insists that’s not true and he didn’t care about her until he thought he could get money out of her. She encourages Nelle not to be like Frank and says she can still build a relationship with Wiley and give him what he needs. This isn’t convincing to Nelle, who continues to insist that everything is Carly’s fault. They recall Nelle gaslighting Carly and getting her committed. “I’ll see you in court sister!” Nelle declares, storming off. It flashes back again to Carly demanding Frank tell her who her birth parents really are. He told her that her mom was a hooker and the father just a john.

Nelle and Carly talk sisterhood at Crimson General Hospital

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Carly drops by Pozzulo’s and tells Jason she wishes he’d make Nelle disappear. He wonders if Michael can live with that. She doesn’t think so and flashes back to fighting with her mom when she was a teenager before leaving home. Carly tells him about her run-in with Nelle and admits that part of how she became a halfway decent person was by having him in her life. After they recall some of their past, they hug.

In her room, Nelle takes the baby rattle out of her jewelry box. Beside it, was the original other half of Nina’s heart necklace.

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