Young Carly and Virginia in a flashback on General Hospital

Joss arrives at Jason’s place to let him know about Nelle’s lawsuit and asks him to stop her. Jason wonders what she is asking him to do. She asks Jason to promise her that Nelle won’t get Wiley. Jason wonders why is she assuming Nelle will win. Joss says Nelle gets away with everything. Jason tells her if she believes that then she’s playing into Nelle’s hands. Joss flashes back to learning Nelle was her kidney donor and when they used to be friends.

Joss asks Jason for a favor on General Hospital

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In her office at Crimson, Nina tells Nelle she may have stepped over the line with Willow, and she knows what it’s like to love a child and then lose them. Nelle reminds her that Willow is teaming up with the Quartermaines against her. Nina knows about the procedure Wiley needs, and she should show her naysayers she is a good mother and let Wiley have it. Suddenly Carly storms into the office to speak with Nelle about Wiley. Nina leaves, and outside her office, she runs into Jax. Nina tells him that has taken over her office and is borderline harassing Nelle. Jax explains Nelle deserves it, and the reason Nelle is even in Carly’s life is because of him. Through flashbacks, he explains to Nina that he was the one who contacted Carly’s adopted father Frank and offered to pay him if he could get a black-market kidney for Joss, but never imagined he’d take it from his own daughter. Jax tells Nina he should have paid for what he did to Nelle, but instead, Carly, Michael and now Wiley are paying the price. Nina inquires if he’d make the same choice again. Jax asks himself that all the time, and he hates what he did, but he doesn’t regret the outcome. Back in Nina’s office, Carly admits she underestimated Nelle and asks how she can make amends. Nelle thinks she should start by admitting they are alike. Flashback to Florida in 1995, a young Carly, (played by Eden McCoy), tells her adopted mother Virginia, (played by Cynthia Watros), that she got the job at the hospital, but she turned them down because she has no intentions of staying in Jacksonville. In the present, Nelle reminds Carly revenge brought her to Port Charles, and Michael was her golden ticket into the Quartermaine family. She sees Wiley as hers, and she wants the magic makeover that Carly got. Carly and Nelle flashback to when Nelle first came to town and Carly eventually hired her as her personal assistant. Carly tells Nelle if that is what she wants then she’s going about it all wrong. Carly thinks back to her past in Florida and telling Virginia that she would not be someone who lives her entire life twenty miles from where she grew up, works the same job her untill she retires, and marries a loser who walks out on her. Virginia notes her daughter doesn’t want to be like her. Carly says she wants money, a fancy wardrobe, she wants to go places and see the world. Virginia warns her that she sounds just like Frank. In the present, Carly advises Nelle if she wants people to care about her then she needs to give them a reason to. She didn’t come to Port Charles to destroy her mother’s life, but to gain her acceptance. When Bobbie rejected her, she decided to show her and live her mother’s life better than Bobbie could. Carly notes Nelle came to town for a similar reason, acceptance. Carly and Nelle remember back to when Nelle revealed her real last name is Benson. Back in 1995, Virginia and Carly bicker about Carly’s choice to leave just like Frank. Carly decides to go in search of Frank, thinking maybe he was finally rich and can pay her the fourteen years of child support he owes. In the present, Nelle believes Carly she should have recognized her as a sister, but Carly reminds her she isn’t Frank’s daughter, and she barely remembers the man. The last time she saw him was when she tracked him down to his sleazy apartment and even then, he had nothing to give her, and she sure as hell didn’t know he had a daughter. Nelle cries she did because Carly saw her there.

Nelle thinks she and Carly are alike on General Hospital

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In the Corinthos’ kitchen, Willow tells Michael and Sasha that Nina has hired Nelle, and she’s going to use this job to show she can be a good mother to Wiley. Chase arrives and has more bad news, he is being called as a witness in Nelle’s lawsuit against the hospital, and unfortunately, the law is on her side. Willow notes she’s not suing because harm came to Wiley, and this is about targeting Michael’s grandmothers. Michael recalls in flashbacks the bad blood between Nelle and his family. Willow asks how they will keep Wiley safe. Michael wishes there was some magic bullet that would solve all their problems. Upset, Willow leaves, and Sasha follows to try and talk to her. Chase hopes Michael is worried about Nelle because he is.

Willow is desperate to stop Nelle on General Hospital

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Willow tells Sasha she needs to do something.

Jason reminds Joss without Nelle there would be no Wiley.

In tears, Nelle tells Carly that Frank wanted them to be sisters and asked her to stay with them.

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