TJ bruised in hospital on General Hospital
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Willow interrupts Nina in her office looking at her heart necklace. Nina gets emotional as she explains its history and how her biological daughter has the other half. Nina composes herself as Willow asks how they can make sure Nelle doesn’t get Wiley. Nina assures her they have some things in the works, as Nelle walks in with Nina’s coffee. Willow is outraged to discover Nina hired Nelle, who doesn’t think it’s any of Willow’s business. Willow storms out.

Nina looks at her half heart necklace on General Hospital

Diane meets with Sonny, Michael, and Sasha in the Corinthos kitchen. She tells them Martin Gray is representing Nelle, who is suing General Hospital, including Monica and Bobbie, for malpractice citing she never signed the consent form for Wiley’s surgery. Michael won’t be intimidated into letting up on the custody agreement.

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Diane has news about Nelle on General Hospital

When Cyrus enters the Metro Court, Carly tells him he can’t stay in her hotel. He realizes who she is as Jason approaches. Carly gets a message from home and steps aside leaving Jason to take care of Cyrus, who tells Jason their meeting is long overdue. He is impressed by Jason’s thorough destruction of his waterfront warehouse. Jason warns accidents like that can keep happening. When he orders Cyrus to leave, Cyrus tells Jason to give his boss the message that he’s not going anywhere.

Cyrus has a message for Sonny on General Hospital

Carly enters the kitchen at home and gets caught up on Nelle. Diane says she might not be able to stop the lawsuit but might be able to render it ineffectual. Sonny steps out to take a call as Diane explains she will petition to have the hearing moved up based on Wiley’s health issues. She says short of Michael marrying a woman with a spotless past, he looks as good as any man can as a single father. Michael tells her to pull the trigger and she leaves. Carly can’t believe her mother and Monica have been drawn into this. This started with her and she’ll be the one to finish it.

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Jordan and Curtis rush into TJ”s hospital room. They sit by his side as he lies unconscious and notice the bruises on his face. Elsewhere, Chase runs into Sam and tells her TJ is there. He was going to notify Molly, but Sam rushes off to take care of it. Curtis questions Portia who tells him they are waiting on some tests but it looks like TJ has a concussion but no broken bones. Curtis returns to Jordan as TJ wakes up. Chase is there to question TJ who explains he was attacked on his way to work. He woke up in a basement tied up to a chair. He didn’t get a good look at the guys who jumped him though.

Sam heads to Molly, who is in a robe, to tell her about TJ. When Sam exits, Brando walks out of Molly’s room. As they get dressed, Molly frantically fills in Brando, who is surprised to hear she has a boyfriend. Molly tells him “this never happened” and leaves.

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Molly races into the hospital and embraces TJ. Everyone leaves the room to give them privacy. In the hall, Sam approaches Jordan to tell her she knows what’s really going on. Jordan begs her not to tell the kids because it could put them in more danger. When Chase tells Jordan he’ll take the reins on the case, Jordan responds that she’s got it. Chase wonders if that’s a good idea. She defends her decision, but Chase reminds her connection to TJ comprises the investigation. She concedes. He promises to find out exactly what went down. Meanwhile, Curtis makes a call to the prison to leave a message for Shawn about TJ. Portia overhears, leading Curtis to explain the messy history. Portia thinks it makes sense now how he ended things when he found out she was married. He knows everyone made mistakes, including him, but there’s nothing to regret about TJ. Back in the room, Molly tearfully apologizes to TJ for believing he was ghosting her. He understands, believing there’s nothing they can’t take back. Molly looks guilty. TJ brings up their differences on the subject of marriage. He thinks they can compromise with a domestic partnership. It makes them official without compromising her beliefs. He asks if she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Of course she does. She thinks it’s a genius solution. He can’t wait to go home with her and focus on their future.

Brando returns to his garage and recalls meeting Molly, who kissed him after he gave her his word he wasn’t cheating her on her car repairs. Sonny shows up and tells Brando Cyrus was released from prison. He warns Brando to watch his back since he’s part of the family now.

Jason meets with Sonny at Pozzulo’s to fill him on Cyrus at the Metro Court.

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