Mike has a request for Sonny at General Hospital
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Sonny is with Mike at General Hospital. Carly and Brando arrive. Mike thought Brando was dead and asks Sonny to get him away from them. Brando tries to jog his memory and Mike calms down, pretending to know who he is. Sonny escorts his father down the hall. Mike says he didn’t recognize them and asks him to call security to keep an eye on them. Meanwhile, Carly and Brando discuss Mike. Brando admires how devoted Sonny is to his father. She says that family is everything to him. He admits that he was reluctant to stick around, but it’s been good to reconnect with the family. He leaves for work. Sonny returns and explains that Mike didn’t recognize Brando. Sonny returns to his father, who recognizes him now and asks him to take him home. He thinks everything will be alright when they get back to Bensonhurst. As Mike rests, Sonny goes back to Carly and tells her how amazing it was for his dad to recognize him. All Mike wants is to go home and it’s the one thing he can’t give him. Resting his head on her lap, he says he doesn’t think he can do this.

Carly tells Brando how important family is to Sonny General Hospital

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Sam meets with Jason in an alley. She tells him her plot with Spinelli to blackmail Deloris backfired. Jason says it’s time to stop looking for a way out. Going back to prison is not an option. If they have to stay apart for a year and a half, it’s what they’ll do. If she goes back to prison, he can’t protect her from Cyrus.

Sam and Jason talk TJ on pier General Hospital

At the Jerome Gallery, Ava gets off the phone as Trina rushes in, desperate for some help. Trina tells her that Jordan has claimed that Taggert framed Cyrus. Ava assures her it is unlikely for Renault to be released. How the press will trash her father worries Trina. Jerome assures her that the only person whose opinion Taggert would care about is hers. Ava says her father was a hero and asks her to call her mom to tell her she’s safe. Trina makes the call. After that, Ava assures her that she is extraordinary and her father’s legacy.

Traina asks Ava for help at gallery General Hospital

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Molly bursts into Jordan’s apartment and demands that she let her know where TJ is. Curtis tells her that this is out of all their hands and she should respect TJ’s privacy. Molly screams that she’s done being patient and TJ is being mean. She threatens to get Sam and Spinelli to help her search for him. “Stop acting like a child!” Jordan snaps and tells her to stop being a brat. This is her fault for breaking TJ’s heart. Molly gulps and storms off, appalled that TJ has dumped her through his mother. Jordan hopes to Curtis that this will stop Molly from digging. She feels bad about this. Curtis is sure Molly will understand when the truth comes out. This will all end as soon as Sonny kills Cyrus.

Jordan blames Molly General Hospital

Kevin visits Cyrus at Pentonville. Renault isn’t pleased to talk to him. They bicker and Kevin tries to manipulate him into making veiled threats. Cyrus realizes that he must be Laura’s husband.

Kevin and Cyrus talk threats at Pentonville General Hospital

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Molly shows up at the garage. She starts venting about her car’s undercarriage to Brando. He offers to check it out. After he does, he says it’s just a minor repair. She can have it towed or he can do it. He doesn’t want to take advantage of her desperation. They start to chat about her and she tells him she used to write romance and now she’s a law student. She’s starting to think that wrecking her car may have been the turning point in what was a bad day.

Laura shows up at the Port Charles Police Department to see Robert. He tells her that Cyrus’ lawyers will likely be able to make him walk. Laura is outraged and determined to stop this. She wants him locked up, even if it’s not in Pentonville. Later, Kevin joins Laura in the interrogation room and informs her that Cyrus is a narcissist but he’s not insane. All the same, he’s happy to advocate for sending him to a psychiatric facility. Robert interrupts to say this won’t work. She asks if there are any other options to delay Cyrus’ release.

Robert and Laura discuss stopping Cyrus General Hospital

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Jason tries to establish some distance from Sam.

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