Mike's condition deteriorates on General Hospital
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At the hospital, Julian attacks Neil in front of Alexis and Britt. Alexis tells Julian to stand down. Nurses began to congregate and watch the argument unfold and hear Julian accuse Alexis and Neil of having slept together, which drove her to drink. Meanwhile, Trina arrives at her mom’s office with Cam and wonders what Jordan and Curtis are doing there. Jordan explains to Trina that her father tampered with evidence to send Cyrus to prison years ago when they were working on his case. Trina doesn’t believe it and is furious that Jordan is going to drag her father’s name through the mud. Portia suggests they go home, but Trina refuses to go anywhere with her and storms off. In the hall, Sonny talks with Felix about his father. Felix tells him that Mike isn’t injured but is scared to walk after his fall at Turning Woods. Sonny returns to his father’s room and tries to encourage Mike to get up and walk around. After some reminiscing, and Mike fading in and out, a moment of clarity takes hold and Mike agrees to let his son help him walk. Back in the lounge, Britt tells Julian and Alexis to take this conversation somewhere private. Felix joins and agrees with Britt. They go to a private office and Julian reveals Britt told him that she saw them in New York. In tears, Alexis says she trusted Julian and now he’s broadcast her private life all over the hospital. Julian believes Neil exploited her. Alexis tells Julian he has no clue who she is and demands he leave. He goes. Alone, Neil asks Alexis if she drank because of him. Alexis explains she drank after a fight with Sam, but he feels what happened between them had to play a role in it. She tells Neil what they did wasn’t wrong, but he thinks the events of the day are going to spell trouble for them. In the hall, Britt tells Julian his attempt to protect Alexis has only made things worse for her.

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At Kelly’s, Nina is happy to spend time with Charlotte and introduces her to Jax. They chat for a bit until Charlotte asks to go hang out with her friend who is sitting at the counter with her mom. Nina approves. Alone, Nina tells Jax about hiring Nelle, and her ulterior motives. Outside, Valentin speaks to Martin on the phone and informs them he has Brook Lynn’s shares of ELQ and pushes him to close the deal on the other shares. Valentin enters, and Charlotte runs from the counter and is glad to see her papa. She introduces him to Jax. Valentin asks for a word with Nina outside, so Jax looks after Charlotte. Outside, Valentin tells Nina he wanted to apologize to what he did to her, and that if Jax hurts her or leaves her, remember he is waiting for a shot to win her back. He departs, and Nina heads back inside and finds Jax on the floor. He claims he tripped while getting a scone and it was an accident. Nina glances at Charlotte, who looks back.

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At the Metro Court, Brook Lynn accepts Lulu’s apology, and she asks Dustin if he would collaborate with her on new music because she’s relaunching her career. Lulu asks about her binding contract, and she explains she negotiated her way out of the contract. She again urges Dustin to work with her on just one song and reminds him of all the great lyrics he used to write. Dustin will think about it. Brook Lynn leaves, and Lulu encourages him to go for it because it could be a huge opportunity. She just wants him to watch her back. Elsewhere, Brook Lynn runs into Valentin on her way out.

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In the Corinthos kitchen, Carly finds Brando making pasta jewelry with Avery. Brando explains he was dropping off insurance papers for Sonny, and the nanny was busy with Donna, so Avery asked to show her the necklace she made. Carly wonders when the other shoe with him will drop, but he swears he’s an open book. She reminds him he was ready to leave, but Brando says he sees a great opportunity here in Port Charles, not just with the shop, but having a family. They chat about his growing up, and he says he used to love horses and Mike would take him to the track as a kid to watch them. Carly was headed to visit Mike and suggests he come with her.

Carly and Brando arrive at the hospital and find Sonny helping Mike walk. Mike sees Brando and panics. He exclaims, “It’s not possible, you’re dead!”

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