Cam and Trina talk about their kiss on General Hospital
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Cam and Trina awkwardly meet in the park. They talk about things that make them forget about what happened, namely soccer for Cam and the art gallery for Trina. As they talk about their overprotective parents and then Joss, Cam asks if Trina told her about their kiss. Trina assures him Joss doesn’t know. Cam is relieved because it would make things awkward for everyone. They leave together for the hospital to meet their mothers.

Jordan makes statement to Internal Affairs on General Hospital
Jordan meets with Internal Affairs in the PCPD interrogation room. She states her team tampered with evidence in order to send Cyrus to prison. She exits to find Laura sharing her theory about a dirty cop on the force with Mac. The agent tells Jordan she’ll hear from the Department of Justice soon. When Laura and Mac ask about her meeting, Jordan curtly tells them all they need to know is it concerns her and Cyrus. She walks away. Laura makes a call and confirms Jordan’s story. Mac won’t believe Taggert broke the law to get a conviction. Laura orders Mac to find out what’s going on.

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Curtis questions Portia on General Hospital

In Portia’s office, Curtis questions her about Taggert and his work. Portia can’t understand why that matters now. Jordan interrupts them to explain she met with IA who wants to open an investigation into Taggert’s handling of Cyrus. Portia is confused why all this is being investigated now. Jordan relays her story that Taggert and their partners falsified evidence. Portia thinks Taggert struggling over violating his code of honor could explain a lot about the destruction of their marriage. As they discuss it, Trina stops by and becomes upset upon seeing Jordan and Curtis.

Julian and Britt wake up together on General Hospital

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In bed together at his place, Julian tells Britt he could get used to this. Britt reminds him at the end of the day they go their separate ways. They discuss Liesl and then Brad, who they disagree over. Britt laments losing Brad. He was the only person who got her. Julian is sorry she lost her best friend but points out there are other people who could take that position, like him. She reminds him his past isn’t so clean either and they go over his history with Alexis. When he mentions Alexis fell for her therapist, Dr. Byrne, Britt realizes why she recognized Neil. She saw him with Alexis at the hotel in New York. Julian is outraged assuming Alexis’ therapist took advantage of her. He prepares to confront the good doctor.

Alexis confides in Finn on General Hospital

After an AA meeting at the hospital, Alexis admits to Finn she is only one day sober. He’s supportive but asks what changed after three years of sobriety. She explains about Neil, without saying his name, as he enters looking for a staff meeting. Alexis and Neil try to excuse themselves, but an astute Finn keeps them around to ask about a case. As Finn rambles, Alexis and Neil think about their night together. Finn exits, leaving them alone. Neil notes Alexis is upset and asks if he can help. Alexis shows him her one-day sober chip, as Julian approaches and sees them through the window. He barges in, grabs Neil by the shirt and shoves him against the wall.

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Brook Lynn updates Ned on General Hospital

Brook Lynn meets with Ned at the Metro Court and sees Lulu and Dustin enter. Ned notices his daughter eyeing her nemesis and urges her to let it go. He wants to help her find a new job, but Brook Lynn only wants to be onstage. Ned reminds her about the contract with Linc. She assures him she is free and clear of it, but keeps mum about what she gave Linc in exchange. She steps away to take a call from her new publicist. At their table, Dustin defends Brook Lynn but Lulu doesn’t want to hear it. Olivia interrupts them to accuse Lulu of turning her back on Olivia and her family due to her impulsive behavior. After Olivia walks away, Lulu asks Dustin for his opinion. He lists all her amazing qualities before wondering if Lulu posted her article while blinded by rage over Brook Lynn. She admits she’s been acting out and calls out to Brook Lynn who is at the elevators. Brook sits down with Lulu and Dustin. She tells them she’s relaunching her career at the Nurses’ Ball and has to meet with Lucy, so Lulu needs to make it quick. Lulu admits she was wrong and holds out her hand. Brook Lynn shakes it while accepting the apology, but asks for something in return… “Your boyfriend.”

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