Michael needs to get custody of Wiley no matter what on General Hospital

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In the park, Molly finds Sam leaving an apology voicemail to Alexis. Sam asks Molly if she’s heard from TJ. Molly explains when she went to see Jordan that Sonny and Jason had just left her place, so she didn’t talk to her. Molly asks if Sam can use what limited contact she’s allowed with Jason to find out what is going on. Elsewhere, Franco and Cam talk. Cam opens up about kissing Trina, and his mixed feelings for her and Joss.

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Chase brings Jason into the PCPD interrogation room, as the Commissioner has questions about the warehouse explosion. In her office, Jordan tells Curtis she hates the idea of throwing her team under the bus to internal affairs. Chase interrupts to let Jordan know that Jason is waiting. Jordan meets with Jason and they go over her story, which he feels is solid. She’s still unsure if she can go through with it and excuses herself. She returns to her office and retrieves the burner phone to contact someone and asks them to tell her what she’s about to do is okay. Later, Agent Simpson from IA arrives to speak with Jordan.

At the gallery, Trina walks in and Ava thinks she should have something better to do on her day off. Trina explains she was supposed to meet Cam. She confides in Ava about the kiss, but also that Cam has been in love with Joss forever. Ava wonders if Trina has feelings for Cam. She says it wouldn’t matter. Ava gives her advice that there is nothing worse than wanting to be with someone who is in love with someone else, and she suggests Trina walk away.

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At General Hospital, Sonny and Joss check on Mike, who is disoriented and in bed. Portia reveals Mike seems to be unable to stand, but there is no medical reason for it. Sonny asks her to run some tests to make sure he’s not in pain. In the waiting room, Carly, Michael, Sasha, Willow and Bobbie wait for Wiley to get out of surgery. On the roof, Liz finds an unconscious Nelle, who manages to regain consciousness. Liz brings Nelle, wrapped in a blanket and in a wheelchair, down to the waiting room. Michael asks what happened, and a fuming Nelle accuses Carly of trying to kill her. Chase arrives, and Nelle wants Carly arrested for stranding her on the roof. Bobbie points she couldn’t have been locked there by Carly because she signed the consent forms for Wiley’s surgery while they were all in the waiting room. Nelle insists she did no such thing, and when Bobbie tries to show her the form, she is shocked to find the form is missing. Monica arrives and reveals Wiley came through with flying colors, but his case is more severe than they thought. In six months, he’ll need a device implanted in his heart to help it stimulate and build tissue. Nelle rants this illegal surgery didn’t work and tells Monica she never signed the consent form which has mysteriously disappeared. Nelle threatens to sue the hospital, and Monica laughs and wishes her luck. Later, Bobbie reflects on stealing and shredding the consent form. Meanwhile, Michael tells Sasha, Chase and Willow he’s going to have to win full custody to make sure Wiley gets the second surgery. In her office, Curtis arrives to see Portia, who called him. She apologizes again for her lies, and the affair is their secret. Curtis admits he told his wife. Portia admires their relationship and talks about Taggert telling her about going undercover with Jordan years ago. Curtis is shocked that Taggert confided names to her. Liz arrives in Mike’s room with a wheelchair to take him to radiology, but when Sonny tries to help his dad into the chair, Mike pushes him away and screams to be left alone. Later, Carly checks in on Sonny and learns about Mike’s condition. In the halls, Nelle makes a call to someone. She’s furious that Carly thinks she’s gotten the upper hand on her.

Back in the park, Sam calls Jason and tells him they need to talk. She explains Molly saw her and Sonny leaving Jordan’s. Jason agrees to meet her. Elsewhere, Cam and Trina meet up and smile at one another.

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