Olivia tries to dodge Carly's question about how she feels about Sonny. Carly smiles from her post at Jake's bar to say that her question has just been answered. She lets Olivia off the hook and laments over which is worse, Sonny with Claudia or Kate. They decide to flip a coin to see who has to go try to talk him out of marrying Claudia.

Sonny has not only just proposed, he tells Claudia that he wants to get married tonight. She tells him that he could make it sound a little less like a root canal. He says that the Karpov syndicate is raising hell and he wants to shove them back into their hole but can't do it until they close their deal. He reminds her that once their married, she'll be in the position to protect her brother at all times and they'll all get what they want. She says that she's going home to change into something more bridal. She ends the conversation with a quick 'bye honey' and heads out the door.

Down at the PCPD, Diane reminds Alexis that she wasn't so eager to do her job when Jerry Jacks was the one in the handcuffs. As the women argue, Spinelli comes in and says that he has an alibi for Jason. Alexis allows them five minutes to talk. Spinelli explains that he hacked into Interpol's website and now an agent is telling DA Davis that another of Karpov's rivals burned the warehouse. He assures Jason that he left no trace of his work just in time for Diane and Alexis to come back in and release Jason.

Once they're alone, Diane tells Alexis that they should put their lawyer hats away and talk as friends. Alexis wants to set the record straight that she did believe her daughter and she was trying to set Jerry up but he got blown to smithereens first. Diane isn't sure whether to believe her or not, but she sits quietly with her nonetheless.

Sam returns fire through the cabin window as Liz tries to get to her boys. Sam pulls her to the ground and explains that they want the Russians to think that they're dead. Liz is worried that they'll come inside to check, but Sam hopes they do. Cameron is calling for Liz, and footsteps are drawing near the cabin. When a Russian enters the cabin, Sam shoots to kill. After they drag the dead guy away from the door, they wait in order to buy some time for Jason or Lucky to show up and help out. Liz asks Sam how she can do this so effortlessly and Sam explains how she grew up trying to get the attention of her father and this was how. When Cameron calls for Liz again, Sam tells her that if things get ugly she should take the kids out the window and run for it. As soon as Liz is behind the bedroom door, another Russian comes in and overtakes Sam. A second later, he's dead from a bullet from Liz's gun. Liz is freaked out, but Sam tells her that she was only defending her children.

After their 2nd kiss ends, Kate admits that Jax took her breath away. Jax asks if it's because of his irresistible charm or because she'd like to get even with Carly. Kate admits to both and Jax says that's just fine with him. Sonny shows up at the door and walks right in, despite Kate's objections. Kate tells him to say what he needs to in front Jax, and he comes right out and says that he's marrying Claudia tonight. He tells her that he loves her but has to do it. He eyeballs Jax and warns her not to do anything stupid. "I already did," are Kate's almost inaudible words. Her next words are to Jax after he's poured another glass of champagne for them. "To Sonny and Carly. May they hurt each other as much as they've hurt us." Cheers. As he draws her into another kiss she reminds him that living well is the best revenge.

Claudia has gone home and told Anthony that her wedding will be tonight. Anthony is pleased and insists on doing this his way at his house. He starts to make arrangements, and Claudia cracks that must mean candles and flowers, right? When Johnny shows up and learns what's going on, he says that he'll leave the family for good if this happens. Claudia softly tells him that this is for him, too. After Anthony leaves them to work it out, Johnny reminds her that Sonny will kill her if he finds out that she indirectly had Michael shot. She doesn't plan to bring that up. He says that she just hopes that Sonny falls in love with her and she wipes tears away as she begs him to stay with her.

Carly shows up at Sonny's house to argue with him. Sonny says that he needs to know who shot Kate and this is his only way to find out. He pulls a gun out of a drawer and tells her take it and protect Morgan if it comes to it. Carly can see that he's serious, so she takes it. She asks if Kate knows about the wedding, and Sonny says that he went to tell her but she was too busy with Jax to act as if she cared.

Johnny meets Lulu at Jake's and tells her that he walked out on his family. He says that Claudia won't need him anymore because she's about to become Mrs. Sonny Corinthos. Lulu is dumbstruck as he says that his father thinks he wants the power but he wants to get as far away from it as possible.

Ric arrives for the wedding and tells Claudia that she looks beautiful. She tells him that this doesn't have to change anything between them, but he says it does. He lays a juicy kiss on her anyway. Trevor and Anthony come in, followed by the 'Padre', Sonny, Max and Milo. Before the ceremony begins, Anthony orders the clergyman to make sure it's done by the book and without any loopholes. "What a sweet way to give me away, Daddy," Claudia comments. Unshaven and chomping on gum, Sonny takes in the vows and nods as Claudia agrees to take him as her husband.

Back at Kate's house, Jax pulls away from their steamy kiss to give her a chance to cool off. She draws him near and clarifies that he's helping her. Having settled that, he kisses her again and again until they are lying down by the fire wrapped in each other. At first, Carly watches through the window, but she slowly enters the house and somehow ends up with the gun in her hand.

Jason calls Bernie while he drives out to check on Liz and Sam. The line goes dead and it's not because his cell lost the signal. When he pulls up to the cabin, Sam rushes out to the car and tells him that the Russians took Jake. The look on his face matches Liz's in that they've just realized their worst fear.

Next on General Hospital:

Patrick tells Robin that he used to go on vacation during Thanksgiving break.

Patrick and Robin both dream of what their lives would have been like if they hadn't met.

When they awake, they are both anxious to set a wedding date.

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