Sonny tells Jason to keep looking at home General Hospital
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In the Corinthos kitchen, Carly brags to Sonny and Jason about how she managed not to lose it with Nelle. She wanders off. Stone Cold tells Sonny that Brando isn’t happy to stick around but he already has customers. Harmony showed up at the garage with a new, expensive car. He assumes that she’s involved with something shady. Sonny orders him to dig into it.

Anna surprises Finn at General Hospital and they chat about Violet’s birthday party. He worries how to make it right when Hayden is missing. Anna starts making arrangements and then brings up their wedding plans. This gets awkward. She wonders if they are going to move forward as a married couple. They talk options and assume Violet would like something big. Anna would like that too, so they agree on it.

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Spinelli finds Brando boxing at the gym. Brando holds the bag while Spinelli tries punching it but begins babbling about and thanking him for saving Carly. The Jackal tells him that a dear friend is living with a dangerous man and he doesn’t know how to protect her. Brando suggests that he follow his gut. Later, Anna bumps into Spinelli moments before Jason arrives. She tells both of them that she wants to discuss Peter. She insists that he’s not a criminal and they shouldn’t treat him like one. Jason refuses to co-operate.

Brando asks Spinelli if someone needs rescuing at gym General Hospital

Back in the Corinthos kitchen, Brando arrives and complains about being dragged into Sonny’s business. Sonny doesn’t know how long he’ll need him in Port Charles. Brando reminds him of his history and offers to do whatever it takes to get this over with. Corinthos wants to keep him out of the business.

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At the Metro Court, Lulu shows Maxie Brook Lynn’s social media posts. One accidentally contains some major information about an ELQ merger that could cost hundreds of people their jobs. Maxie suggests a good person would tell Brook Lynn to take it down. Lulu says a good reporter wouldn’t. Her friend points out that this could hurt people she cares about. Meanwhile, Robert catches Peter as he arrives and ushers him to the bar. He tells him of Obrecht’s accusations. Peter is dismissive Olivia interrupts and August escapes. Liv asks Scorpio if he has any news about her son. He doesn’t know anything but offers to ask around. She hurries away to answer a call. Lulu approaches Peter in the corner and gives him her story pitch. He tells her to go for it and then leaves after getting a call. She returns to Maxie and they chat about her promotion. Maxie rushes off to talk to Nina about something while her friend orders champagne and posts about ELQ.

Lulu and Maxie talk viral post at Metro Court General Hospital

Robert drops by General Hospital and asks Finn to keep an eye on Anna and Peter.

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At Crimson, Nina tries to convince Jax that Maxie deserves a raise. He says it would look like favoritism to the other departments if he gives her more money. She tells him to go so she can tell Maxie the bad news. When Maxie arrives, Nina informs her of her new job and responsibilities. Maxie is more concerned about her new salary. Her boss explains there is no money in the budget for a raise. Upset, Maxie walks out.

Jax tells Nina he can't give her money at Crimson General Hospital

Brook Lynn is behind her desk in the ELQ lobby when Michael shows up with Wiley. He’s impressed by her phone answering abilities. Ned joins them and says it’s nice for the whole family to be working together at the company. Michael and Ned go into his office and talk about the controversial business merger the company is undertaking. Moments later, Ned gets a call that The Invader has reported on the big deal. Olivia storms in and demands to know what Brook Lynn has done. Ned lectures his daughter for posting a confidential document. He, Michael and Liv discuss how to deal with the fallout from this. Brook Lynn realizes that Lulu is behind this.

Brook Lynn and Michael at ELQ General Hospital

Jax meets with Carly in the Metro Court and they discuss whether Australia might be a better place for Joss to be. He reminds her that she already lost Morgan to mob violence; he won’t lose their daughter. That raises her ire. Carly says they need to make these decisions together. Meanwhile, Maxie joins Lulu and tells her she’ll be drinking alone. Maxie leaves to ‘get even’. After she walks off, Brook Lynn rushes in. Lulu smugly mocks her.

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