Willow asked to marry Michael on General Hospital
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At Crimson, Jax checks in on Nina given Liesl was arrested. Nina is done with her aunt. In the Metro Court, Curtis has some questions for Portia about Trina. She knows he’s done the math and assures him that Marcus was Trina’s father. She became pregnant when Marcus returned from undercover. Portia says she was in a bad place when she met Curtis, and she never should have lied to him that she was single. Elsewhere, Maxie and Lulu arrive and run into Brook Lynn, who is drinking after a shopping spree. Lulu and Brook Lynn trade insults, and Maxie directs Lulu to their table. Maxie needs advice. She loves her job, but she’s been doing a lot of Nina’s job lately and Nina hasn’t recognized that. Lulu suggests she talk to Nina about it. Maxie heads to Crimson and confronts Nina over the responsibilities she’s taken over. Nina says she appreciates what she does, but Maxie wonders why her title is creative director, and why she does so many jobs but only gets paid for one.

Harmony arrives at Jordan’s office, but Jordan says she doesn’t have time for her because of police business and takes off.

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On the patio of the Corinthos estate, Cam and Trina break from their kiss and apologize to one another. They head inside to study Shakespeare with Joss but are unable to focus. Trina decides to leave and rushes out as Jax arrives. He sees Trina isn’t doing well and asks Cam how he’s doing. Cam claims he’s surviving and also departs. Jax suggests to Joss they take a trip to Lady Jane’s house to get away from the chaos of Port Charles, but Joss doesn’t want to run from her home and family.

At ELQ, Ned solidifies a deal with a company and plans to send the contracts via courier. He calls out to Brook Lynn, who is not at her desk. He calls his daughter, who is at lunch, and demands she get back to the office. She returns, and he gives her documents to scan and deliver via a courier. They are for her eyes only. Brook Lynn decorates her desk with everything she bought on her shipping trip, and then films it, along with the secret contract, for her social media followers. Later when Ned asks why the documents haven’t been sent over, she quickly puts them in a folder and sends them off.

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Willow arrives at the Quartermaine mansion looking to help with the Nelle situation. Sasha asks Willow to marry Michael and explains Michael’s lawyer feels she would not make a good mother figure, but Willow is a perfect choice. Michael doesn’t think it would work and Chase agrees. Willow asks where she’d live. Sasha says she’d have to move into the mansion, and she’d move out, but only untill this is over. Chase thinks that could be months to years. Willow agrees it won’t work. Michael takes her to visit Wiley, and Chase blasts Sasha for her crazy idea.

Jordan heads to an alley and finds TJ’s phone. Harmony arrives and reveals TJ was moved hours ago. Jordan demands Harmony take her to her son, but she doesn’t know where TJ is. Jordan asks Harmony to team up with her to take Cyrus down, but Harmony can’t put her daughter at risk and Jordan needs to do what Cyrus wants in order to see her son again. Cyrus has a shipment arriving and wants Jordan to divert the men watching the route.

Jordan holds a gun on Harmony on General Hospital

Back in the Metro Court, Lulu stalks Brook Lynn’s social media. At their table, Portia tells Curtis that she’s considering transferring to General Hospital. Trina enters and blasts her mother for meeting Curtis. Curtis departs, and Portia reminds Trina that Curtis helped her father save her life. She says Curtis is an honorable man. Back in Crimson, Maxie tells Nina she loves her, but she can’t take her for granted anymore. Nina agrees and knows Maxie is the reason Crimson is thriving. She thinks the can come up with a new title and salary for her, and Maxie is thrilled. Later Jax returns and Nina has something to discuss with him. She wants him to approve a raise and new title for Maxie, but Jax tells her no. Maxie returns to the Metro Court and tells Lulu how well her meeting with Nina went. Lulu gets an alert on her phone and is stunned by Brook Lynn’s latest post.

Jordan returns to her office to find Curtis there. He wants to give her answers about his relationship with Portia and tells her the whole story. After Curtis leaves, Jordan makes a call to Mac and has him reassign the men watching Cyrus’ route.

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