Trina tries to reason with her mother on General Hospital
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Carly approaches Portia and Trina at the Metro Court as they talk about Trina’s safety. When Trina leaves, Carly tells Portia Trina is welcome to join Joss for homeschooling. Portia will think about it but would rather discuss Ava. Carly warns Ava is toxic. Portia was thrilled how passionate Trina was about her internship, but now Ava is all she can talk about. She’s even more worried now that Carly doesn’t like her either.

Sasha gets bad news from Michael on General Hospital

Michael joins Sasha who is playing with Wylie at the Quartermaine mansion. He relays Diane couldn’t stop Nelle from visiting Wiley and she’s coming over now.

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Cam talks to Joss about his kidnapping on General Hospital

Cam and Joss talk about his recent ordeal at the Corinthos home. As he’s about to tell her the last thing he remembers wishing for, Laura stops by. She’s looking for Sonny, who isn’t home. She checks in with the kids to see how they are after the kidnapping. Cam insists he’s fine. Laura hugs her grandson tight and tells him she loves him. After Laura leaves, Trina walks in. She vents about her mother and how she just wants things to go back to the way they used to be. She storms out when Joss tries to commiserate. Joss follows her to the patio to apologize and assure her she’s always there for her. Cam comes out to tell Joss alerts are going off on her computer. Joss runs in for the tutorial she scheduled. Trina and Cam hug as they express how not okay they are and how they need each other to get through it. Cam kisses her.

Jason is surprised to see Harmony at the garage. She tells Jason and Brando she’s having car trouble. Jason says he’ll pay for her repairs and leaves. Harmony wants to pay herself, but Brando doesn’t want to go against the people who set him up with the garage. After he checks out her car, Brando relays the gas cap was just loose causing the repair light to go off. He says it’s a common mistake but wonders why she’s so nervous around Jason. Harmony explains about her past but insists she’s not in any kind of trouble.

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Elizabeth welcomes Neil to the General Hospital staff at the nurses’ hub and asks him about therapy for Cam. He suggests she talk to her son about it first because he can’t force him to do anything he doesn’t want to. Neil then runs into Alexis who is happy to see he’s working there. Meanwhile, Laura visits with Elizabeth. They talk about Cam, who Laura thinks is trying to be strong so as not to worry her. Laura suggests Liz just keep an eye on him and give him time to realize he wants someone to talk to. Elsewhere, Chase finds Willow who wants to visit her mother at Turning Woods. She’s worried about her because she’s been so distant. Chase gets a call from Michael who asks him to come over so he has an extra pair of eyes on Nelle. Jason interrupts as Willow rants about Nelle to Chase, who leaves. Jason tells Willow he’s worried about Harmony who seemed nervous and has a brand new car. Willow’s worried she’s mixed up in something bad again.

When Jason returns to the garage, Brando informs him Harmony was nervous and reports nothing was wrong with her car.

Chase arrives at the Quartermaine mansion as Nelle visits with Wiley. He and Michael smugly explain to an irritated Nelle there’s nothing in the custody arraignment that says Michael can’t have friends over. Nelle takes a selfie with her son and leaves. Chase, Michael, and Sasha are left to discuss Michael’s only option of getting rid of Nelle – he has to get married. Willow comes over asking what she can do to help.

Jordan worries about TJ on General Hospital

Curtis interrupts Jordan in her office as she thinks about her meeting with Harmony. He wants to spend time with her, but she has to work. After he reluctantly leaves, Jordan sits back at her desk and looks at the photo of a beaten and bound TJ. Sam stops by. She got an alert on TJ’s phone. Jordan tells her to give her the coordinates and let her handle it. Sam obliges and asks her to have TJ call Molly. When Sam leaves, Jordan gets out her gun. She runs into Harmony at the door as she starts to leave.

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Back at the Metro Court, Carly suggests to Portia she limit Trina’s relationship with Ava without forbidding it. Carly walks over to the bar where Nelle approaches to needle her about her visit with Wiley. Curtis sits down at Portia’s table. She’s grateful to him for saving Trina’s life. Curtis thinks it’s time they talk about the girl.

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