Sam goes inside the cabin and tells her to take the boys to play in the bedroom because there are fewer windows in there. Liz hustles them out of the room as Sam turns out the lights and reaches in her bag for her gun. Then, she gets Liz to help her barricade the windows with mattresses.

Back in Port Charles, Mac is questioning Jason in the interrogation room. As Mac lists the array of violence that has gone down the last few days Jason says that he hates all of this, too. Mac takes that to mean that Jason is fully involved in this mob war and promises to shut him down. Later, Diane visits and Jason says that he can't sit still for 48 hours while the DA tries to find evidence against him!

Diane goes out to the office to talk to Alexis. She insists that they let her client go, and Alexis asks Mac if she can talk to her alone. She tells Diane to distance herself from this case because this time Jason has gone too far. They go back into the interrogation room and Alexis promises Jason that she'll find the evidence she needs to prosecute him because it's time for him to pay for all the pain he's caused in this city.

Jax and Nikolas are taunting each other out at Wyndemere. Jax promises a parking deck and golf course where Spoon Island's meadows currently are. Carly tries to play mediator, but Jax acts as if he doesn't hear her. Nik promises to keep Jax tied up in courts for years and asks to be left out of Jax trying to punish his 6th or 7th wife. After Jax scoffs his way out the door, Carly apologizes to Nikolas. He tells her not to worry because he'll enjoy bringing Jax down.

Olivia has barged into Sonny's living room just in time to see that Claudia is flashing a new engagement ring. Olivia's disappointed in him, but Sonny says that Kate will understand what he's trying to do here. After she leaves, Claudia asks which of the cousins he is really in love with? Sonny tells her to butt out or give the ring back. She takes a step back and promises to show respect toward the people he cares about if he'll do the same. He agrees. She reminds him that they aren't exactly two people who met in a bar anymore and asks if they can try to at least treat each other with respect. He agrees to that too. He asks what she gets out of this and she explains that she finally is needed by her father. He takes this moment of communication to apologize for assuming that her family had something to do with Michael's shooting last spring. They pour some champagne and toast to 'respect'. When the conversation finally grinds to a halt, she asks if he wants out of this already. He assures her that it's quite the contrary. In fact, he wants to get married tonight.

Olivia shows up at Kate's house just in time to see her yelling at Maxie for the way Crimson looks now that it's been published. Olivia steps in and tells Kate that Maxie wanted to run the layout by her, but she talked her out of it so as not to impede her recovery. She asks Maxie to give them a moment alone, and then gently tells Kate that Sonny has just gotten engaged.

Later, Jax arrives just as Kate is chewing Maxie out again. He tells Maxie that the magazine issue looks great and that their numbers are way up. Kate dismisses Maxie and then tells Jax that she wants to celebrate not making the worst mistake of her life. They crack open some champagne and Jax says that Sonny deserves Claudia. They toast to 'freedom' and then start devouring each other with kisses.

Lulu and Johnny are over at Jake's talking about what kind of life Johnny could have if he left the family business. When Coleman catches wind of the fact that Johnny can play the piano, he offers to set him up with a keyboard and tip jar over in the corner.

After Johnny and Lulu leave, Olivia bellies up to the bar and is soon joined by Carly. Olivia promptly orders an extra shot and then tells Carly that Sonny's going to marry Claudia. Carly doesn't say a word, she just slams the shot. She wishes that she didn't care, but she can't help it. She talks about the hold that Sonny has on her and how it ruins every relationship she's had since. Olivia admits to caring a lot for Sonny back in the day and Carly asks how much he matters to her now?

Back at the cabin, Liz's boys have fallen asleep in the back room while Liz and Sam stand guard. Sam offers Liz a handgun or a shotgun and Liz nervously takes the handgun and gets a little lesson from Sam. She asks Sam if she can put their differences behind them and put the boys' safety first. Sam promises to lay down her life for them. Liz nervously asks why she doesn't seem more afraid and Sam says that her senses are more alive and although she's scared, she's not afraid to fight either. Liz thinks the Russians might have left, but she quickly changes her mind when a shot breaks a window.

Next on General Hospital:

Sam and Liz do their best to keep the Russians out of the cabin.

Spinelli helps Jason get released from the PCPD.

Jason gets to the cabin, but too late!

Sonny gives Carly a gun to protect herself.

Carly goes nuts when she learns that Jax and Kate are close to becoming lovers!

Johnny threatens to leave the family if Claudia marries Sonny.

The Justice of the Peace arrives at the Zacchara mansion.

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