Neil and Alexis at his hearing on General Hospital

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At the courthouse, Sonny grabs Brad by his shirt and tells him that he’ll spare his life if he pleads guilty. Brad says his attorney told him to plead not guilty. Sonny warns him if he wants to live then plead guilty. Sonny departs. Later, Brad and Scott head into court. Lucas and Julian are present. Court is called into session and Brad pleads guilty. Scott tries to say that Brad is not in his right mind and this isn’t what they agreed to. Brad reiterates he’s pleading guilty, but he was not alone in his crime, it was Nelle who convinced him to switch the babies. The judge adjourns and informs Brad he will remain there until a waiver of his plea is signed. Later, Scott warns Brad that they are going to throw the book at him. He hopes Lucas can talk some sense into him.

Sonny orders Brad to plead guilty on General Hospital

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At Turning Woods, Brook Lynn performs for the patients. After, Mike tells Brook Lynn that her song came out when he was with Adelle and it reminded him of her and her meatballs. Brook Lynn tells him that he’s in luck because she’s brought Olivia’s famous meatballs. Sonny stops in to see Mike and runs into Brook Lynn, who was heating up the meatballs.

Brook Lynn visits Mike on General Hospital

In Jordan’s office, Curtis assumes Jordan has questions about him and Portia. A worried Molly interrupts because TJ didn’t come home again. Jordan relays she’s heard from TJ and he’s taking time to think things over. Molly leaves, and Jordan admits to Curtis that she’s worried about TJ. Laura arrives and checks in with Jordan about Cyrus. Laura feels they need to use his own tactics against him. She wants to know about his cellmates, any employees at the prison driving flashy new cars, and anyone who is important to him.

Laura wants to fight dirty on General Hospital

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At Neil’s hearing, Neil is questioned about the extent of his relationship with Alexis. He thinks about the previous night but says his relationship has been professional. The board excuses themselves to decide in private. He is furious that she lied to the board, but she feels a night with her is not worth him losing his license. He asks what if he thinks it was worth it. She wonders if he was questioned first would he have lied, and he admits probably not. She wants him to see his work is bigger than the two of them. He still wants her. The board returns.

Molly meets with Sam at the coffee house and vents about TJ ghosting her to find himself.

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In court, Brad asks Lucas what will happen to them. Lucas takes off his ring and admits he doesn’t know if they’ll see each other again. Brad urges him to move on because he deserves someone better than him. In tears, Lucas and Brad embrace before Lucas rushes out of the courtroom. Julian checks on Brad and asks why he changed his plea. Brad admits Sonny paid him a visit and assures Julian that he kept quiet about him for Lucas’ sake. He warns Julian that if Sonny figures it out, he will have him killed. Julian leaves and Britt (played by Kelly Thiebaud), walks in and thinks Brad could use a friend.

At Turning Woods, Sonny and Mike reminisce about the song Brook Lynn sang and how they’d dance to it all the time when he was a kid. Sonny thanks Brook Lynn for today and reminds her what matters in life is family. Brook Lynn says goodbye to Mike, who thinks she’s her mother Lois. Sonny and Mike continue to reminisce while Brook Lynn calls Ned and is ready to be a part of the business.
At the hearing, Neil learns he has retained his license. When left in private with Alexis, he feels it doesn’t seem right that he keeps his license when they lied. Alexis believes it never should have been in jeopardy and wonders who filed the complaint in the first place. Both realize they can’t see each other for two years. Alexis wishes there was another solution.

Alexis questions Neil about what he wants on General Hospital

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At the coffee house, Molly worries the only way TJ will stay with her is if she agrees to marry him. Sam offers to use her PI skills and locate TJ.

Molly contemplates her future with TJ on General Hospital

In Jordan’s office, Curtis and Laura discuss Trina’s anger. Laura believes Trina will come around in time and realize he is not to blame. Laura asks him how he knows Portia. He knew her back in the day and they haven’t seen one another for years.

Jordan visits Cyrus in Pentonville and demands to know if he has her son.

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