Anna reveals Obrecht is guilty on General Hospital
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Jason finds Sam at the Quartermaine mansion after she dropped off the kids, and they share a kiss. Diane and Michael walk in and the lawyer is furious that Sam is violating her parole. Michael excuses himself to check on Wiley, and Diane lectures them. As she carries on, Jason receives a text from Anna asking to meet at the Metro Court. Jason heads out, and Sam departs after. Michael returns and discusses his case with Diane. Michael can’t see how any judge will give custody to Nelle. Diane explains the law and says it will be tough to take Nelle’s rights as a parent away, but it will be harder for Nelle to take Wiley from Michael. Diane believes they need to not focus on proving how awful Nelle is, but how wonderful he is. Diane plans to show that Michael lives at the Quartermaine mansion with a loving multi-generational family and has been in Wiley’s life since day one. Diane also feels it would be in his favor to provide Wiley with a mother, so he should consider marriage.

Michael strategizes with Diane on General Hospital

At the Floating Rib, Willow vents to Chase over Nelle suing for custody of Wiley. Willow needs Michael to be ruthless now to protect Willey, and she’ll help him in every way she can.

Sasha arrives at the Crimson office to find Nina looking at the half hart pendant. Nina forgot about their meeting and asks if they can postpone, because she’s not emotionally available at the moment. However, Nina thinks they are on the brink of something exciting businesswise. Sasha agrees before departing. In the Metro Court, Finn sets Violet up with some crayons so he can talk to Anna. As they begin to talk, Maxie interrupts and apologizes for not seeing what Obrecht has been up to. Finn tells her not to be so hard on herself because sometimes the truth is hard to face. Finn apologizes to Peter, and they shake hands.

Sasha has a proposal for Nina on General Hospital

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In New York, Neil and Alexis grab a table at the bar in their hotel. They talk about their history, and Neil wonders if he took unfair advantage of her. Alexis feels she was the one who used the therapy to take advantage of him. She admits to being attracted to him from the moment she saw him, but he admits he felt the same way. She should have found another doctor but didn’t knowing she’d get to spend time with him every week. Neil could have refused to treat her, but he didn’t because he also looked forward to their sessions. They make their way back to their rooms and say their goodnights. However, neither can stay away from the other and Alexis invites Neil into her room. They make their way to her bed and kiss.

Neil and Alexis connect on General Hospital

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Sasha stops by the Floating Rib for a drink and runs into Chase. She explains she’s killing time because Michael is meeting with his lawyer. Chase tells her Willow raced out of here because of something to do with Wiley but asked him to wait. They discuss Nelle and the problems she’s causing. Sasha opens up and admits as much as she wants to support Michael right now, she’s unsure she’s ready to be a mother.

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Jason arrives at the Metro Court and runs into Spinelli in the hall. Spinelli fills him in that Peter has framed Obrecht for his crimes and Maxie believes in him. Anna approaches and Spinelli leaves them to talk. She guesses Spinelli stole her thunder. Jason doesn’t believe Obrecht is guilty because her whole life is invested in Maxie and James, and she wouldn’t risk that. He advises her the one she needs to open her eyes to is Peter. Anna believes in Peter, and warns Jason if he does anything to harm Peter then she’ll come after him. Meanwhile Spinelli goes into the bar and approaches Maxie and Peter. He refuses to believe Obrecht is guilty of these crimes. Maxie stands by Peter and tells Spinelli to accept it because she’s going to spend her life with him. Flustered, Spinelli excuses himself. Meanwhile, Finn colors at a table with Violet, who asks if they can go back home to Anna’s. Anna approaches them and Finn reveals to Anna that he and Violet want to come home with her. Back in Crimson’s offices, Willow arrives and asks Nina to expose the true Nelle in her magazine. Nina says Nelle isn’t a public figure, so they have no reason to cover her. Nina also advises she let Michael deal with Nelle because the custody suit has nothing to do with her. Nina knows how hard it is to turn these feelings off, and that women will do anything for their children.

Spinelli believes Peter framed Obrecht on General Hospital

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