Taggert begins to wake up on General Hospital

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At the Corinthos house, Sonny wants Brando to stay there under his protection, but he refuses. He needs to get back to his life and job in Chicago. Sonny offers to set him up with his own garage in Port Charles. Carly departs when Donna begins to cry, and Sonny tells Brando he’s now a target and he can’t be left unprotected.

Sonny offers Brando protection on General Hospital

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Willow stuns Michael and says she needs to take a step back from Wiley, because he’s not her child. He begs her not to shut Wiley out. Sasha enters and lets Michael know that Wiley is having trouble getting to sleep. Michael leaves, and Sasha tells Willow even though she’s not Wiley’s biological mother, she was his mother. Sasha presses her to not give up on the boy. Willow still refuses and rushes out as Michael enters with Wiley. Willow looks in on Michael, Sasha and Wiley from the window.

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Sasha and Willow discuss Wiley on General Hospital

At General Hospital, Liz and Franco are relieved to see Cameron safe. He explains what happened. Elsewhere, Epiphany takes Trina to see Taggert, who is being prepped for surgery. Taggert is unconscious but stable. Back in the hall, Jordan throws her arms around Curtis while at the same time is furious because he could have gotten himself killed. Later when Curtis is alone, Jason questions how he got pulled into this mess, but Curtis just says Taggert’s a friend. Curtis returns to Jordan and warns her that Jason is prying. Laura arrives and asks Jordan if this was Cyrus’ doing. Jordan believes so. Curtis excuses himself to take a call, and Laura tells Jordan they need to come up with a better plan of attack to deal with Cyrus than the conventional police approach. Meanwhile, Jason calls Sonny and tells him what went down with Taggert, and that Jordan and Taggert are connected somehow. Sonny tells him that he’s on his way. After ending his call, Liz finds Jason and thanks him for saving Cam. Later, Trina announces her dad is awake. Jordan goes into question Taggert along with Curtis. Taggert thanks Curtis for helping save his daughter. Jordan wishes he had called her, fears a third attack on him is coming, and insists they finish this as a team. In the hall, Cam thanks Jason for saving his life. Sonny arrives and is glad to see Cam safe. Cam leaves them to talk. Sonny goes in to visit Taggert and agrees to work with him on this. Sonny then sends Trina back in to be with her dad. Laura confronts Sonny about how dangerous Cyrus is, and that Cam was almost killed. She fears what Cyrus will do next if he retaliates and tells him to leave Cyrus to be her problem as Mayor. Back in Taggert’s room, he sends Trina off to get him some candy. In the waiting area, Jordan sits Laura down and tells her everything about her and Taggert’s connection to Cyrus. Laura plans to cut Cyrus’ contact to his people off by calling the warden and having him moved to solitary confinement. Suddenly, machines beep from Taggert’s room and Lucas rushes in. Later he exits and reveals there was a blood clot and they lost him. Trina, who ran into Cam while getting her dad’s candy, returns with him to a solemn scene. Liz tells Trina that her dad passed. Lucas explains a clot formed in his brain. Trina collapses on Liz’s shoulder in tears. Trina goes in to sit with her father, and Jordan enters to tell Trina that she had the privilege of working with her dad years ago and he was really proud of her. In the hall, Jason tells Sonny he believes Jordan and Taggert are connected through the DEA and Cyrus’ vendetta is personal. Epiphany enters Taggert’s room and tells Trina they have to take her father. She kisses him goodbye, and Jordan promises Taggert that she will protect Trina and make this right. Liz invites Trina home with them because she hasn’t been able to reach her mom. Meanwhile, Jordan hears from TJ, who is safe, and Jordan plans to resign to keep him that way.

Lucas springs into action in the ER on General Hospital

Back at the Corinthos house, Carly asks Brando what his issue is. Brando admits he doesn’t want to be beholden to Sonny. Carly explains he has it wrong, they are beholden to him for saving her life. Brando agrees to stay.

Laura arrives at Pentonville and receives a text about Taggert. She’s shown in to see Cyrus. Laura informs him a good man died tonight and he left behind a daughter. Laura reveals they have evidence linking him to several crimes and therefore he’s being put in solitary confinement. Cyrus declares this abuse of power won’t stand.

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