Taggert sees Trina and Cam captive at warehouse General Hospital
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Alexis runs into Lucas at General Hospital. He tells her he was eager to get back to work to feel normal again. They sit down and talk about his problems. He needs some help with his divorce.

At the Metro Court, TJ proposes to Molly and tells her how much he loves her. She turns him down and had no idea this is something he would have wanted. She’s afraid of turning into a bridezilla. Not getting married won’t work for him. Molly still refuses to accept his ring and sobs. He makes it clear he’s not looking for a party, but for vows. She worries that putting that kind of weight on a relationship can ruin it. TJ decides they’ve both assumed too much and have a lot of thinking to do. He walks out. Alexis shows up and is surprised when her distraught daughter tells her how shocked she was TJ wanted to get married. It becomes clear that Molly is horrified of marriage because of what it did to her mom. Alexis starts apologizing for this and assures her daughter that she is nothing like her.

TJ's proposal rejected by Molly at Metro Court General Hospital

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At home, Liz texts Jason information on the driver that kidnapped Cam. He tells her not to call the cops. Liz starts panicking to Franco. He thinks she needs to call the police, but he’ll support whatever choice she makes. She calls the police. Jordan shows up moments later and they fill her in. The cop tells them to sit tight. When Liz admits she called Jason, Jordan isn’t thrilled.

Curtis lurks around the gates outside of the warehouse with his gun drawn. Taggert arrives inside the building. The driver comes out and has Cam and Trina brought in by his thugs. Taggert demands that the teens be released. Cam wrestles free and runs off as Curtis rushes in. Shots are fired and they all take cover. After they shout threats back and forth, Curtis tries to drag Trina out and Taggert is shot. Outside, one of the goons tracks down Cam and is about to shoot him when Jason appears and shoots him in the back. He calms down Cam and gets details about the situation. Curtis and Trina show up. Jason sends the teens to his car. They lock themselves in and she vomits before complaining about how dumb they must have been to be kidnapped. She decides she needs to help her dad and rushes off. Cam chases her down and brings her back to the car. He knows this sucks but assures her it will be okay. Meanwhile, Curtis and Jason burst into the warehouse and shoot the gun from the driver’s hand before he can shoot Taggert. There’s more shooting. A few of Cyrus’ men escape and three die. Jason calls the paramedics for Taggert, who begs Curtis to take care of Trina and then loses consciousness.

Taggert looks for Trina in warehouse General Hospital

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Willow arrives at home where Chase is uncorking wine. He tells her about his naan bread, but she just wants to be held. They sit on the couch and she talks about how much she’s missed her son. She loves Wiley as much as she ever did, even though she’s devastated he’s not hers. Willow worried that her child might still be alive if she hadn’t given him up. Chase assures her that she is innocent; Nelle and Brad are lousy people. He urges her to do what she thinks will be best for Wiley. She thinks her grief is too much to inflict on a baby. He gets a text about the kidnapping and has to leave.

Chase and Will discuss her baby at homeGeneral Hospital

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Sasha wakes up Michael at the Quartermaine estate. He’s exhausted from looking after Wiley and is still getting used to being a father. Setting down rules for the kid is hard. She’s sure he has great parenting instincts. They need to talk about what this means for them. Sasha says not everything between them needs to be defined. Wiley should come first, and they can figure themselves out later. That sounds good to him. Later, Michael is alone, and Willow shows up. He apologizes for not taking Wiley to see her immediately after he learned the truth. Michael knows what it’s like to lose a child. He thinks it would be great for Wiley if she remained part of his life. Wiley needs her caring nature in his life and so does Michael.

Michael and Sasha talk about Wiley General Hospital

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