Sonny and Taggert have a common problem on General Hospital
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At the Corinthos house, Ava finishes her visit with Avery. Before she departs, Carly and Ava argue about her marriage to Nikolas. In the kitchen, Joss learns Dev is not going to the dance and is leaving tomorrow for boarding school. Carly enters and asks for a moment alone with Joss. Dev exits, and Joss asks if Dev is leaving because of her. Carly assures her that she’s not the reason, and this is what is best for Dev. Joss admits she’ll miss him. Carly agrees and they hug. Joss thinks she should changed for the dance, but Carly forbids her because it’s too dangerous right now. The baby cries so Carly leaves to tend to her. Dev returns, and she tells him to get dressed for the dance to say goodbye to Cam and Trina. They change and sneak out. After they’re gone, Carly trips over a backpack and a bullet spills out.

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Ava and Carly bicker about Nikolas on General Hospital

At Liz’s house, Franco helps Cam put his cufflinks as Nikolas arrives at the door. Liz sends Franco to the kitchen to put Cam’s boutonniere on. Nikolas wants to prove he has changed. He wants to make a big donation to General Hospital and reveals he has a private security firm to find Hayden. She is not ready to forgive him and advises he go home. Later Trina arrives, and Liz takes photos of them together. Trina thought her dad would be there by now and worries. Their ride share arrives, and they depart. After, Franco surprises touched Liz with an anniversary gift.

Liz tells Nikolas to deal with the consequences on General hospital

At the Metro Court, Brook Lynn confronts Julian over what she thinks she heard, and her threats to tell Sonny. She brings him up to speed on her issue with Linc and wants him to use Jerome tactics to get through to him, or she tells Sonny. Julian refuses to resort to that but needs time to think of another plan. Nikolas enters, and Brook Lynn rushes to hug him. She heard he got married and asks to who. Ava arrives and Nikolas introduces his wife. Nikolas and Brook Lynn go to the bar, and Ava asks Julian what trouble he’s in now. Julian fills her in what Brook Lynn suspects. Ava suggests she play along with Brook Lynn for now and the two of them will come up with a way out. She thinks this could help her, noting Brook Lynn and Nikolas laughing at the bar, and explains she needs Nikolas to cheat on her to get out of the marriage. At the bar, Nikolas thanks Brook Lynn for being the one person to not judge him. She knows what it’s like to come home and need a friend. Ava interrupts and tells Nikolas she wants to go home. Brook Lynn returns to Julian, who agrees to help her.

Brook Lynn wants Julian's help on General Hospital

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At General Hospital, Curtis finds Laura in her room ready to get back to work. In the hall, Jordan speaks to Taggert on the phone and he has a plan that may help them. Jordan heads in to see Curtis and Laura, and Laura asks to be brought up to speed on the turf war. Jordan explains the challenger is Cyrus Renault and fills him in on his past, minus her involvement. Laura’s ride arrives and she departs.

Laura thinks anyone who goes against Sonny is a fool on General Hospital

In Sonny’s office, Sonny tells Jason that he doesn’t believe Brad and Nelle pulled their plan off on their own. There is a knock and Taggert enters. Taggert explains they have a mutual problem in Cyrus Renault and could help each other out. Taggert admits he is the one who helped put Cyrus away. Sonny isn’t clear what Taggert wants. Taggert knows Sonny isn’t like Cyrus, and he doesn’t want him taking charge of Port Charles. Taggert tells him to think it over and departs. Someone follows him as he leaves the restaurant. Sonny tells Jason that he believes Taggert and he must be desperate. Later, Laura arrives. Laura tells him the people of Port Charles are afraid and she wants him to stop what is happening. If he can’t, she will do what needs to be done.

Taggert is tailed as he walks down the pier but realizes it and confronts the guy. Suddenly, another thug appears.

Back at General Hospital, Curtis and Jordan find Taggert has been brought in. He is okay, fills them in on defending himself and the thugs taking off. He hands over a syringe left behind. They know Cyrus planned to kill him and make it look like an OD. Jordan asks him about the plan he mentioned. Taggert tells her that he reached out to Sonny for help.

In the rideshare, Cam and Trina take selfies. The driver is one of Cyrus’ men.

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